Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Another Week!

Hello hello!!!

These weeks fly by, I'm tellin ya. It freaks me out. I just cannot get over it!!!

So, last week, I think I told you guys about a family we found through members?? The Relief Society president (in charge of the women's program) and her husband (on the high council) have been praying about this family in the neighborhood for like a year and a half. They have always felt like Heavenly Father was telling them to share the gospel with them. Brother Vance asked them if the missionaries could talk to them and the family said yes! Well, we have been encouraging families to have nonmembers in their homes. So, last Monday night, The Cohen's (the nonmembers) went over to the Vance's (the members) and swam. The Cohen's have 4 kids. The Vance's have a son on a mission, a daughter about to leave for college, and a 9 year old. The Cohen kids swam with the 9 year old and the parents talked. After, they did s'mores. We came for that part and shared Moroni 10:32 about becoming perfected in Christ and striving to be like Him. We told the Vance's that if they do the "social conversion" that we, as missionaries, will do the "spiritual conversion." After the thought, we asked if we could come over and teach the first lesson and they said yes! We taught it last night. Brother Vance came to the lesson. So, as you can guess by the last name Cohen, the dad comes from a Jewish background, but they are Catholic. We taught the Restoration, and the dad was very intrigued by prophets. The Spirit was definitely in the lesson. We asked them to read The Book of Mormon as a family and pray about it. I think there is definitely hope with this family, but it will take time. The oldest daughter is going into Middle School and the dad really wants strong values for her. We talked a lot about families. He said he would call us for the next lesson...so that means he probs wont so we will check on them soon. Haha. But they listened and seemed fairly open! Fun fact for Gracie....their daughter is Gracie...so Gracie Cohen...it made me laugh haha.
Anyways...member missionary work is the key for us!! When you talk to families and invite them into your home where the Spirit can be felt, they can learn of the gospel...versus us just showing up on their doorstep. We have been doing lots of member ward visits and sharing this with the families....encouraging them to do what the Vance's did!

The member's house we landscaped....We worked on it a few days for like two weeks. Finally it is done! This is missionaries getting used for "service"....

This week...I went tracting for the first time. Yes, tracting. Literally walking door to door knocking and trying to talk to people. I actually liked it. Most people HATE IT. But I liked the walking and seeing new faces, etc. 

We are working with this less-active lady, Hilary. SHe is the best!!! She has the kindest heart and loves coming back to Church. We have been doing practice lessons with her because the information benefits her. She has not been to Church in a long, long time. I have loved building friendship with her and seeing how much she loves this gospel.
The member's house we landscaped....We worked on it a few days for like two weeks. Finally it is done! This is missionaries getting used for "service"....

We had an amazing Zone training this week. Our Zone leaders talked about having charity in the work, being bold in the work, and following the Spirit in the work. It is so weird because I am totally a bold/blunt person...just ask anyone who knows me!!! But here, I back down a little. I am trying to be more bold in just going up and talking to ANYONE I see. We never know who Heavenly Father is putting in our path!
My two companions! We will probably just be a trio until the end of this transfer (2 more weeks). 

We have people to see and visit, but not a lot of like legit investigators. The members here are great people, but are a little worn on talking to their friends about missionary work, etc. I LOVE being in a trio. It is a party. We have to work harder to stay focused, but it will be sad when we separate in two weeks after this transfer. Missionary work is hard, but you can enjoy it with your companion. I always tell them that I cannot imagine doing this with someone I do not like!!! ahh. Hopefully that does not happen....
My first time legit tracting. I really did not mind it! 

This Friday is Zone Conference with President Jardine. I am excited because I heard they are the best! 3 Zones will be gathered. So, I am in an "area" and like 8 of those make a "zone." hopefully that helps....

I really do love missionary life now! I have adjusted and I find joy in it. I have always been a person who invests in what I do, and I get more invested here everyday. The work is hastening. I love this gospel because it changes lives. Straight up, it really does. That is why I am out, being a missionary with a name tag, stopping to talk to people everywhere I go, because I love my Savior and I want people to know Him. 

Love y'all!! Have a great week!
Sister Hickman  

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