Thursday, August 7, 2014

One Month Down!

Wow! I cannot believe I hit my one month mark a couple days ago. The days are long, but the weeks go by so fast. This week some things happened.

So remember Hannah? The golden investigator? Well, she texted us Sunday and said she is postponing the rest of the lessons. Her and her husband talked about it and they want to read The Book of Mormon together and pray about it. Then, hopefully move forward together in the lessons. This is good news because a week ago he would not even consider reading it. Hannah said she can tell prayers are being answered because now he is open to reading it! She thinks it is best for their family to take these steps together. I am sad because I wanted to teach her and see her be baptized. BUT, I need to have faith that Heavenly Father has a bigger plan for them. Hey, now they both might join this gospel, and that would be awesome! So, we are going to occasionally visit them and see how the reading is going. I was super bummed, but I am doing better at hoping for the best!

Nothing else really happened this week...We are still trying to find people to teach. We are visiting potential investigators that the last missionaries knew, and we are just trying to find new people. It is hard work! But I am enjoying it. This week was really hot, but this week is supposed to be cooler. 

So, in this Stake, the missionaries do tons of service. We are asked to do about 10 hours per week. a lot of programs are being piloted in missions called "Just Serve." Ours is in the El Dorado Stake, but our whole mission will do it soon. It is supposed to be service primarily for non-members to get to know people and love them, but of course cheap Mormons take advantage of us haha. We have pretty much landscaped this woman's yard in one of our wards. It is funny because we totally get used. But, service is service I guess!!! 

I am beginning to catch on that this area is like a mini-Utah. All the members are friends with each other, and they do not really have non-member friends. I was not expecting this because we are in California. We are trying to push member-missionary work, but they are all like...we do not have many friends. It is tough because I am like...you are talking to the wrong girl!!! I have like zero friends that are Mormon!!!!! So it is tough finding their friends to talk to haha. But oh well. A member family invited their neighbors over to swim tonight and have s'mores and we are coming to give a thought. It was my idea to do this and the mom was scared but they asked the friends and it has worked out!! So hopefully, the Spirit will be present tonight. 

I love the new place we moved into last week. They live sort of in the country so every morning I run on gravel around the house. It is a nice route from what I had before, and I am able to run about 3 miles every morning. My companions just like stretch and do lunges in the yard. Running keeps me sane and helps me have energy during the day! I love it. And I like that I can run my pace and amount because they just do whatever on the side. A lot eat pretty healthy here, which is nice. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies. This week, we were not served a lot of dessert which was awesome!! If you have Sister Missionaries, do not serve them dessert!!! They won't want it!!! 

But overall, life is great. The three of us as companions have been doing well together. The third that joined us will probably leave at the end of this transfer in 3 weeks. It is hard getting to know members in both wards, but I am getting better.

I miss you all so much, and I think about you all the time! When you mail something, I get it about 10 days later. Thank you for thinking of me and for all your prayers!! Have a great week!!!

Sister Hickman 

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