Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hi Everyone!!

Hi everyone!!

This was a great week!!! 

So Tuesday, these members took us to dinner at the buffet at the bottom of the Casino here. LOL. Mormon missionaries in the Casino. We were like, is this allowed!? Haha they take all the missionaries there. Seriously, everyone was STARING at us. These members are a SOLID family who joined the church 2 years ago. They are a miracle story. Completely normal and awesome! We tell them that they are every missionaries' dream!!! The dinner happened so fast and we had to run to a meeting, so we could not get a picture. I am bummed because we wanted that recorded. 

On Wednesday, we had exchanges. Sister Parkinson is the Sister Training Leader, so she has to serve one day with every sister in the zone because she reports to the Mission President on us. She went to the other area this day, and Sister Boata (from a small south-pacific island) came to me in our area. I was the driver, in charge, etc. Because I am such a control freak, I thought I could love it, but I DID NOT!!!!! Haha her English is not super great. I honestly felt like I was training all day, and I was like oh no, if I train I will be like the worst trainer every. I am not patient enough!!!!!!!! Wow, it was eye opening. I just love Sister Parkinson and do not want us to separate. We are just the best team ever! And, it was weird driving. I have not driven a car since I left on my mission! 

We FINALLY caught Hannah and Matt this week. It was great! They read Ether 12 that we had left them and really liked it! They were cooking dinner, so there were lots of distractions. We told them we would come back another night. We invited them to church and they said they wanted to come! All week we were so excited. Before church on Sunday, they texted and Hannah was in the ER :( She is doing alright. Hopefully we see them soon. There is so much potential with them, and I do not want to be transferred out!! We want to baptize them!!!

We had a great lesson with Karen and Caressa this week (The family history ladies who have been taught by the missionaries FOREVER). They talked about how they have been feeling the spirit so strong this time around and that the last month with us teaching them has felt different than every before. I'm like, YOUR TIME IS NOW!!!! :) The Spirit is always so strong when we teach them, but I think they are scared to be Mormons. That is pretty much what they say. They totally know it is true. We will have to see what happens. Hopefully this week, some good things happen there. 

On Saturday, we finally rode our bikes! Sister Parkinson's bike is still broken, but we decided to use one of the Gomm's bikes. It was so fun! We talked to so many people and the weather was cool! It is so hilly here, so it was QUITE the work out. But I need that haha. Mission weight probs....
I hope we ride bikes everyday this week because it is such a great way to talk to everyone you pass.
Our first day on bikes this past Saturday!! I loved it! I felt dumb, but you talk to so many more people. And it is quite the work out with all these hills.
A HUGE fire started last week about an hour north of here. Some crazy guy started it. It is like 80,000 acres big and only 10% contained. So sad. It has been the talk of the week. That is why it was cooler this week...the smoke is all in the air. Please pray for the area up here! A lot had to evacuate. 

In Bass Lake ward, we almost have this guy, Paul, on date for baptism. He has been taught on and off by missionaries for the last year. He is kind of dating this Mormon woman, so we are unsure of his intentions. He is in his 50s...never married. The knowledge is there, but he needs to have a spiritual experience. He is starting to read the Book of Mormon and pray! 

Last night, we made a deal with one of our investigators, who is having a problem with alcohol and smoking. He is an alcoholic, but he is trying to cut back. We told him we are going to work on this together! Sister Parkinson and I (mainly me) are addicted to chocolate. The members feed us dessert and we eat it like everyday! So, we told him we would give up chocolate everyday, and he is going to cut back on drinking everyday. We told him this would be hard for us, but we want to sort of feel what he feels! As missionaries, we help people change their lives and it is hard. However, if we are doing it with them, we can help them more. I know chocolate and alcohol are not quite comparable, but really, this will be so hard for me!!!!!
I will let you know how it goes :) We are praying for him. He really needs help because he is going through a lot right now. 

This is the day Sister Bishop was transferred! We are in front of the house we live in. Sister Gomm is on the left! She is the sweetest! This is her house.
Okay this is seriously so long. Sorry. But our investigators are all really progressing, and it is incredible to be apart of! I am so excited for this week. 
I have really been working on having great faith. Faith is something that I want to always want to be working on throughout my mission, so that when I come home, it is firm and there is a foundation. I know that as I let my faith grow and rely on it, that I will see Heavenly Father take care of me and bless my life.

I love you all and miss you!!!!

Sister Hickman 

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