Monday, September 8, 2014

Just another week in the mission field!

Hi everyone!!!

I do not even know what to write this week. Haha. It was another great week hard at work! We are getting back into covering two areas. We try to switch off every other day with each area. We have a couple of investigators in each, but the teaching has slowed down a bit. We are hoping it picks back up. We were really hoping to have one of our investigators at Church, but he did not end up making it. 
Here is the group of missionaries the day we came out! This is us in the airport with President and Sister Jardine!

This was my first day in the mission field! This is my Mission President, President Jardine and his wife. They came out with us! They serve 3 years. 

I have one amazing miracle to share from this week. Remember Hannah from about a month ago? We had an incredible lesson with her and then she wanted to wait for her husband to kind of get on board? Well, about a month ago, he did not even believe in God. This past Tuesday night, we went over to check in on them. We started talking to Hannah and Matt, and he started really opening up. We found things we had in common for us, and he really started trusting us as people. Hannah talked about how they had not really read the Book of Mormon, but that her 3-year-old daughter had been looking through it. She said they had been reading the Bible together as a couple, and she had some questions about some verses, so we helped them out. She said they have been going to a contemporary church to take "baby steps" for Matt into religion. Anyways, we asked to share a thought before we left, and I shared an article in the August Ensign (our church magazine) about trusting in God's timing. It is centered around Isaiah 55:8-9. They loved it, and I left the article for them to read. They said they needed to hear it because they have been trouble getting pregnant and are trying to keep their faith. Then, Matt totally opened up about the faith he has gained in God. He was so passionate, and God's light was truly radiating from him. It was incredible! WHAT A MIRACLE!! His heart it completely being softened. Sister Parkinson and I were practically crying. After we left, Sister Parkinson said, "I almost pulled a 'Sister Hickman' and started crying right there in the middle of the lesson!!" Haha if that gives you any idea about what an emotional mess I am haha. But, we left them Ether 12 to read, and they were excited. Matt is totally taking tiny steps and eventually he will be ready for the gospel. I KNOW IT! Hannah totally is, and I know she is waiting for him. It was so cool to see the Lord's hand in this work. It truly is HIS work! As missionaries, we are merely instruments. 

Today, for P-day, our whole Zone went hiking at Ice house Lake! It is about halfway between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. It was beautiful! It was nice to have a break and relax and feel like a normal person for a little. But honestly, I love being a missionary. It is the greatest thing ever. We get to invest in other people and help change their lives by teaching them the gospel. It is a privilege to serve as a missionary. I was reading an article by Elder Holland, and he says the LDS missionaries are the most prayed about people in the world! It is so true. We need those prayers. We are essentially in a battle against Satan. We have to bring everyone to Christ. We have to bring people that hope! That is why I love this work. It is disappointing, frustrating, but it is also the most rewarding. The members here are truly incredible. It is a blessing to know them. 
The new El Dorado Zone after transfers. We are at Ice House Lake! It is about halfway between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. 

Such a fun P-day today! 

Sister Parkinson and me. She is the greatest! This week a member said, "You two just love each other, don't you?" We just started laughing. We do not want to leave each other!!!!

This is Sister Gomm! She is the member we live with. She drove us up here today. She is the cutest! 

Sorry, there is not much else to report on! We are excited to work hard this week and teach, teach, teach!!!! 

I love you all and miss you! Also, I am SO behind on writing letters, so they will be coming!! Promise! 

Sister Hickman

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