Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week 5 of Transfer Two!

Hi everyone!!!

I cannot believe we only have one week left in this transfer! After next week, I will no longer be able to use the "new missionary--I am still training" excuse. Haha the 12-week training will be over! So heads up, next week, P-day will be on Tuesday because it is transfer week. We will get our calls next Monday night saying what will happen. I AM FREAKING OUT!!!!! I do not want to leave this area!! Or Sister Parkinson!!! She has only one transfer left. so weird! Anything could happen. She could leave, I could leave, or we could stay. I could also see them putting one of us in Bass Lake Ward with a new companion and one of us in Green Valley Ward with a new companion. That is, if they split the wards again. I don't know, but I want us to stay together SO BADLY! I know it is Heavenly Father's will, so I need to just put my faith in Him. It is hard though haha I cry when I think about transfers.

So...this week! 

Tuesday night, we had a "blitz" in our two wards. A blitz is where all the missionaries in this zone come to our area and we all go out! We all split with members. So every missionary went out with a member and visited some of our former investigators, potential investigators, etc. It was such a success!!! We have re-connected with former investigators from a couple years ago. They said they do not know why the missionaries stopped coming. Hopefully, good things continue to come from the blitz! I went out with my Ward Mission Leader's wife, who is also a Ward Missionary. She is so sweet. She LOVED it haha. We did not even have THAT great of visits, but she thought it was the best. It was fun! We did not run into any rude people, so I was happy she had a positive experience! Some of the 18-year-old boys went with the Elders, and that was so good for them! Because their wards have sister missionaries, they never get to go out. They had a positive experience, so that was great in preparation for their missions!

On Thursday, IT RAINED AND POURED AND IT WAS THE BEST!!! I did not realize how much I have missed rained. Man, we needed it up here. We have been having a bad drought. The rain helped contain the fire so much!!!! Prayers were answered.

Saturday night, we went out to dinner with all the moms/daughters in the Green Valley Ward before the General Women's Broadcast. It was fun to be with them! They feel like family. The broadcast was great! If you watched it, you know if focused a lot on temples. What a blessing temples are! I am thankful for the truth and knowledge that comes from temples, and that my family can be together for eternity...this life is not the end with them (I do not know if I could have always said that is a blessing yo be with them for eternity :) haha kidding). Temples truly bind us all together. The Spirit was very strong at the meeting. I love President Uchtdorf's talk. He talked a lot about keeping ALL of God's commandments. There is a reason behind all of them, and we will be at our HAPPIEST if we keep them.

I cannot WAIT for General Conference this weekend! That is where the President of our Church and his Apostles will address of from Salt Lake City. So much guidance and direction comes from conference. It was last October General Conference where I received my answer to go on a mission now. I cannot believe that it has been a year since that! Wow, it goes fast. That was the best decision I have ever made. I have grown so much since then. If you have time, tune in at lds.org. I promise that when you listen to these leaders and focus on listening to the Spirit, that you will receive personal revelation for your life. It is the best!! It happens twice a year--April and October. So, this is a very special occasion!! 

This week, I was talking with a member who was talking to me about humility preceding faith. I have been thinking a lot about that. I am focusing on being humble and submitting to the Lord's will. I have the worst habit of thinking I know better. You would think I would know better by now!!! My legs are really bad and hurting. I do not understand because I ran more before my mission and was never hurt. Everyone keeps saying it is the Satan trying to get to me. It is frustrating and really bothering me. I am getting a priesthood blessing this evening. I am focusing on my faith that I will get healed and back to normal. This is why the member was talking to me about faith. It is the family we live with. He says he does not think I am having the faith to truly believe that God will fully heal me! It opened my eyes. I do not think I did when he said that. But, I have been praying a lot about it. This is a growing experience for me, and it does not even have to do with my investigators! However, it is an experience I need to grow through to make me a stronger missionary. 

Our investigators are great! They are progressing. Hopefully we get some on date for baptism this week. There are no pressing details to share. I love this work! This week will be crazy because it is Week 6, so we have it give it our all because we could be leaving! Ahh! 

It was so fun seeing pictures of my parents in Norman!!! They took my friends to breakfast and all had chocolate milk in my honor :) Haha I loved it. And they took some friends to dinner. That made my week seeing that! 
oh P.S. the no chocolate deal with our investigator and his limited alcohol.....IT IS HARD!!! I was really good at first, then had chocolate two days, and now I am doing well again. He is doing well! He is drinking less and less. Wow, I am glad we are in this together!!

Have a fantastic week!
Sister Hickman 

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