Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Another Week in Carmichael!!

Hello friends and family!!

It has been a great week in Carmichael!! I am getting more and more familiar with the area. Especially because I have been driving all week :) Sister Wilson scraped the side of the car, so she got her privileges taken away haha so you can imagine at after experiencing my driving that she regrets that!!! It should only be a few more days of driving haha but I have liked it!! 

So...Albert, Mohammed, and Wesley (our African investigators) are still on date for baptism November 8th!! Ekkkk!! We cannot wait!! We teach them almost everyday. They are incredible! This week we taught them the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity (it was a little awk) and they are praying for so much strength. They inspire me. They truly follow the will of the Lord with their whole heart. They came to Church again yesterday and loved it! This week they gave Sister Wilson and me African names. Mine is Zoe (pronounced like "zoo") and it means "the head." Haha they call me boss because I am so direct and always tell them how it goes. They already know me too well!!! I always tell them that when I am firm that it is out of love! Sister Wilson's name has to do with her being loving and positive...which is so perfect for her! Albert is in a tough situation right now. He is living with his girlfriend and does not have a job and money to move out. We are praying for a miracle!! Something has to happen for him to be baptized because he is not living the law of chastity. He is trying though! He now sleeps on the couch. AND he reads the Book of Mormon all night while his girlfriend sleeps and he sleeps when she gets up! Isn't that amazing?? He does not think he should marry her, so that is why we are trying to find him a job and apartment. We have 3 weeks to make this happen! One night he was really down, so we were giving him a pep talk. He was lacking faith that a miracle could happen. I was so passionate talking to him because I have really been focusing on faith lately. I know that if it is Heavenly Father's will for him to be baptized Nov 8th, that he will find a job and a place to live! I was really getting into it. He said, "Sister Hickman, you are so direct and gave showed me the faith I needed." I love being a missionary because I love helping people. The other day, I was thinking about what it will be like going home and focusing on my life because when I am out here, I am only thinking about the lives on my investigators and how to help them. It is the best thing! 
This describes Sister Wilson and me in a NUTSHELL!! Haha she is so cute and sweet and then there is me probably sassing off to Mohammed hahaha.
We had a lesson this week with this crazy Philippine man!! We brought a woman in the ward with us who is from the Philippine's. Surprisingly, I hadn't gotten worked up with anyone until this. Haha I really have been pretty patient and loving with people, but this guy just got me so worked up!!!! I wish you could have seen it. Sister Wilson was dying laughing. I called him stubborn at one point. I was not Bible bashing, but when I get really into something I talk loud and fast and just go off!! He was nuts. It was one of the funniest lessons ever. Just try to imagine!! 
Us in front of church yesterday! That is Wesley and Albert. 
The ward is super interesting and it has been hard. We have challenges in every area and this is the challenge in this. I am not going to give details, but let's just say this week was full of "Sister Hickman feisty moments" in case you cannot already tell! Yesterday at church I wanted to just give up. But, I told prayed to Heavenly Father and told him I am a fighter, and we are going to make this situation the best it can be! I had one of the most spiritual experiences yesterday during the Sacrament. I was crying and praying so hard and truly felt my Heavenly Father's love around me. As I reflected on my Savior Jesus Christ and His Atonement, I remembered how I am not alone and never have to be. I am thankful for the gospel in my life and for the hope it brings. I am realizing how my mission is teaching me SO many lessons that will prepare me for the rest of my life. I cannot believe the experiences of missions. They seriously are the best! There is nothing better than getting lost in the Lord's work and focusing on His children around us. I love Carmichael and am thankful for the blessings, miracles, but yet challenges that it brings. 

I love you all! 
Until next week,
Sister Hickman 

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