Tuesday, October 7, 2014


SOOOO.....I am getting transferred! Hahaha it has been a huge ordeal. So, last night we had dinner with the Gomm's (the fam we live with) and our investigators, Karen and Carisa were there. It was getting late, so we went out to get our phone in case we got the call soon. About 20min later the Zone Leaders call. They said "Sister Hickman, you are going to Elk Grove." I started SOBBING! In front of the Gomm's and the investigators. I was so upset! I could not even finish talking to them. Haha I handed the phone to Carisa to get the rest of the info. Then, they told Sister Parkinson that she was staying here over these two wards and a new companion will come. Seriously, I was devastated. I cried ALL NIGHT! The poor Gomm's. They were so worried about me. I woke up at 2:15 am this morning because I could not sleep. I have been awake for HOURS! This morning we went to the temple, and I was talking to a sister I came out with. I asked where she was being transferred to and she said Elk Grove to be with Sister Henderson. I said, "I am going to Elk grove to be with Sister Henderson." One of the Sister Training Leaders was standing there and said, "Sister Hickman is on my list for being one of my sisters I'm over in Carmichael." We were all so confused!! After the temple, I called the Assistants to the President, and they said, oh yeah...you are going to Carmichael! So there it is! Tomorrow, I leave for Carmichael in the La Sierra Ward. This is the stake with the mission office and AP's. It is the zone with the highest baptism rate. It is on fire right now!!! My area is ALL BIKE!!!! I am pumped for that. I gotta get off this mission weight! I have heard my companion is super fun and awesome. SO I AM EXCITED!!! It is sad to say good-byes today to the members, and I do not want to leave Sister Parkinson at all, but I am excited! Also, this area is pretty ghetto I guess. haha I have been told I will know the scent of every drug by the time I leave...wonderful! This will be great. 

So....this week in Cameron Park. It is so weird this was my last week! We had some really powerful lessons with investigators. If any get baptized this transfer, I can come back for them!!! On Friday, we got to go to the Mission office and see "Meet the Mormons." It comes out this next weekend in select theaters. It was so good!!!! It is basically just a documentary on some different Mormon individuals. you all should check it out! Watching the segment on the Navy football coach made me miss football SO MUCH! Wow, can't wait to go to a game again!! I loved the segment on the "Missionary Mom." I think it will help people see where we, as missionaries, come from. We are normal and have family/friends just like everyone else!!!!
Sister Gomm took us to Mormon Street on our way home from watching "Meet the Mormons!"
General Conference was amazing!!! There were a couple talks that really stuck out. Obviously, Elder Bednar's talk. Check it out! It is all about why this Church loves missionary work! I also loved President Uchdtforf's talk.

Okay, I am sorry I am so overwhelmed! I had so much I wanted to say this week, but today I have to pack, say good-byes, etc. My mind is racing! And I have had no time to write anyone back, but I am working on it!!!! Promise!!!! 

I am sorry this email is not better with more inspiration, etc. Good things happened this week, but it would take too long. Just know that I am headed to Carmichael tomorrow, and I am so so excited!!!! Also, I will get to see Sister Parkinson Saturday at Zone Conference, so I am telling myself it isn't good-bye yet :) I am so grateful to my Father in Heaven for all he has blessed me with! El Dorado Zone has been incredible, and I am sad to leave. I cannot wait to come visit it someday!!! 

I love you all so much!!!! 

Sister Hickman 

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