Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week 3 in Carmichael!

Hello everyone!! 

This was a great week in Carmichael! We had interviews yesterday with President, so P-day got moved to today. On Tuesday, Sister Wilson had to go to the doctor because she gets a check up every 6 months. The doctor is a bishop in the Folsom Stake...very nice. While we were in there, I decided to ask about my legs. I found out I have a stress fracture in one leg...and in the other, I just need to stretch it better. He told me to take some time off running. haha I started crying, but it is fine now. I take Ibuprofen, and that helps. I have been riding the bike every morning in the gym. They are getting a little better, so hopefully I can start running again soon. 

The senior couple missionaries in the Mission Office came up to me last week and said, "Are you Genevieve Hickman!?" I said yes. They said, "You get more mail than any other missionary in this whole mission! There are 270 missionaries!! If you were not here, we would have half the work!! We have been wanting to meet this Genevieve Hickman." I started laughing. I told them I just have the best friends and family ever! I have said that for years...that I am surrounded by the best people in the world and this is proof :) Thank you all for loving and supporting me! Even the whole office here agrees!! :) I just thought that was funny, so I wanted to share. They all know about my sorority now :)

Tuesday afternoon, we had a lesson with a woman who was a referral from the Elders. It was the hardest lesson I have had. It is the kind of lesson you think we would have more as missionaries, but we really do not. She asked tons of questions and argued a bit. She was quite scary! Sister Wilson was laughing that she even intimidated me! But she did. After the lesson, we were not feeling too good. We just felt like the Spirit could not be there with contention, but how do you teach and try to stay on topic when she is asking all sorts of questions? It was bothering me. Well, Wednesday, Sister Wilson had exchanges with our Sister Training Leader, so I went to Folsom for the day. We met that night with their Ward Mission Leader and I was talking to him about the lesson. He gave great advice and really brought the Spirit in. He said how our purpose as missionaries is to love and to teach. We have to teach simply and help keep things focused. That is the way the Spirit will be there. He just really lifted my spirits because I had been upset about the work. He gave me that spiritual boost I needed for the rest of the week.

Albert, Wesley, and Mohammed are still on date for November 8!! They came to Stake Conference on Sunday and LOVED IT! They are so excited for baptism. I just love them. I know I will stay in touch with them after I get home. We are still trying to figure out Albert's situation, so that he can be baptized November 8. He just does not have money for an apartment to go to. He said, "If I cannot move out, I will just marry Thelma, so I can be baptized." We said, Albert, you cannot just marry her to be baptized!! Poor guy! This all has been hard on him.

Things with the ward are getting better. We feel that Heavenly Father wants us to focus on strengthening the ward and their faith in Christ. We are going to try to do some member visits everyday and help bring the Spirit into their homes. We want to serve them and love them. I think by the end of the transfer, the ward will have made large strides. They are just tired and exhausted, so we need to help build their testimonies.

Yesterday in interviews, President Jardine was telling me about the last transfer and how I was headed to Elk Grove. He said something was not right. He was up in the middle of the night and received revelation to move some things around. He said Carmichael is exactly where Heavenly Father wants me and that I am with Sister Wilson for a reason. The Spirit was so strong and it is incredible to see all the revelation that goes into transfers. 

I am just thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ. So many people out here do not understand that He suffered for us and because of that, we can have hope. We can start over. and we can change. I am so thankful for the opportunity to share this good news with the people of Carmichael. As missionaries, we just want to help other people and realize how much joy, truth, and peace they can find from the gospel. I truly love my mission. It is a privilege to be out here serving. I cannot believe my 4 month is coming up!! It is FLYING by!! 

Have a great week! Thank you for loving me and supporting me!! That makes it easier to be out here away from you all :) 

Talk to you soon,
Sister Hickman 

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