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HAppy transfers week!!! :) SOOO THE NEWS IS........

I have been called as a Sister Training Leader in Folsom over two wards and Sister Bills is going to another ward in this zone and they are putting ELDERS in our area!!! SO WEIRD!!! They only do that when an area is dead, but ours is doing the best in the zone!!! We are shocked!!!! I am so excited to go to Folsom because some of the sisters my comp and I will be over are in El Dorado, so I will get to go back to my first area for exchanges!!!! EEEEKKK!!! My new companion and I are both Sister Training Leaders (STL). Even though it has the word training in it, I AM DONE WITH TRAINING WOOOHOOOO!!! STL's are just the sister missionary leadership (like zone leaders). Sister Bills and I survived!!! Wow. Love that girl but it was HARD!!!! hahahah I learned tons though. Sister Campbell and Sister Kandare have been called as trainers!! I am so happy for them!! They get their new missionaries tomorrow :) Sister Campbell is training in Folsom, so we will be back in the same zone!!! Sad leaving Sister Kandare, but I get Sister Campbell :) 

Tim was baptized on Saturday!! What an incredible last weekend in East Sac with Sister Bills. Annie and Daniel (my recent converts from December) are who introduced him to the gospel. Daniel baptized him, and Annie spoke at the baptism. It was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! My heart was so full. Everyone just loves Tim. He is so precious and SO HAPPY! He was just glowing all weekend. Sunday at church was sad because I knew it would be my last one  in this ward :) I LOVE LOVE this area and ward. In Sunday School in Gospel Principles, the teacher called me up to bear my testimony to everyone because I would probably be leaving. She said "Sister Hickman, look out at your flock. The recent converts you've brought in, the returning less actives..." I just cried!!! This was a moment of the PURE JOY!!!!!! My heart was bursting. It was one of the best days of my mission....seeing the gospel change all of these people and having the opportunity to witness it. It is a privilege to be a missionary. I LOVE IT! I seriously love it. I want to be a missionary forever, I am serious! I just cannot even describe how thankful I am for this experience. 

I am thankful for the last 4.5 months that I have been in East Sac. I am extra thankful to have trained Sister Bills the last 3 months. A piece of my heart will always be here. I know that transfers are a part of this whole missionary thing, but they are SO HARD for me!!!!! I just get so attached because I love people, and I hate leaving. I hate it!!!!! But, I am so excited for Folsom :) It will be like El Dorado...hahaha rich, white people. So it is a hard area, but I want to find a family so badly!! I was praying the other day about how I want to find a family and Folsom is the place to find it! It is all member missionary work...there seriously is no other way. My new comp was here in East Sac for a while, so I know her. We are very similar (good and bad thing haha) She is very intense and serious about missionary work like me, so I know that we will work super hard!!! 

I am sorry this is so long. It has just been the best journey here, and I am so sad to leave, but I have so much trust to know that my nest assignment and area is exactly what I need to grow even more. watch out folsom.....sister hickman is COMING!!!!!!


Sister Hickman 
Sister Bills and I on St. Patrick's Day in our green :) 

Our matching Sacramento shirts :) I am going to miss my running buddy!!! Goodbye long morning runs :(

My District this past transfer. They put all the sisters in the other one haha it was so lonely...

Every Saturday morning, we went and served the homeless at the Catholic Church...took me back to the Cascia days...love those Catholic schools :) I am so sad to leave this crew!

my girls :) Peace out east sac!

The crew with Tim!! I love these people!!!!

Sister Bills and I with Tim at his baptism. He is such a light!

My Mission Oak Auntie :) She always came out with us...she is the best!

With Jim and Vitor at Tim's baptism :) This is the father and son we are teaching!

Sister Bills and I with the best ward missionaries...the Mendoza's!!! We love them :)

My selfie with Tim at church the day after his baptism :) Doesn't he look so happy?!?!

Don't want to leave these people or this ward!!! 
At the temple this transfer P-day! I will miss them so much!

Sister Allen is going to the El Dorado Zone :) not my old area, but the other area there with sisters! I will be her STL!! Yay :)

My lil baby. Been with this girl every second of everyday the last 12 weeks!!!! I cannot believe it is done!

My best friend, Sister Kandare. She is a blessing that was waiting for me on my mission!

Cannot wait til we are reunited one day again :)

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