Sunday, March 22, 2015


Hi everyone!!!

It was a CRAZY WEEK!!! But so great :) So, on Friday, we met as an entire mission and got to hear from Elder David A. Bednar and Elder Lynn G. Robbins (of the Seventy). It was incredible! Elder Bednar is a lot more gray than I thought :) He is awesome! He is just so straight-forward, and he really tries to teach by the Spirit. I thought it would be more of a lecture, but it was very interactive. He let us ask questions, make comments, etc. I received a lot of personal revelation from that meeting. Heavenly Father taught me exactly what I needed to realize. They talked a lot about how missions will prepare us for life. We are learning to be Christlike in our dealings with other people, which will have an effect on us the rest of our lives. I feel like I've got the hang of the "missionary" part for the most part (well, we never actually get the hang of it:) ), but I want to be better about growing Christlike in how I interact with those around me...like companions, etc. I am such a type-A person, so I am very goal-oriented, work hard, and know my purpose as a missionary, but I need to learn to focus on heavenly virtues. For example, patience, humility, faith. I really want to be a faithful servant of my Heavenly Father for the rest of my life. Someone who puts others first, so that I can show them love, just as Christ would do. I am sorry for rambling, and I am sorry if this doesn't make sense. I guess I am just very checklist oriented, and I want to work on having more of that Christlike desire behind it all. I have it down with investigators, ward members, etc. They are the EASY ones to LOVE!!!!! I seriously am so people oriented that being a missionary and talking to everyone is so fun for me! I look forward to it everyday. Sister Bills and I always laugh about it because for her, the interacting part with people is the part that scares her most! Speaking of which, we have 1 week left together!!! Wow, I cannot believe this 12 weeks of training is almost done. I have learned TONS. It is crazy. I would not take it back for ANYTHING. I am excited to watch Sister Bills blossom the rest of her mission.

On Saturday, Sister Bills and I got to go to the temple with the recent converts in the ward, and with the ward missionaries! It was so special. Annie and Daniel were there, Alec was, and many others. Seeing them dressed in white in the house of the Lord was one of my favorite moments of my mission! I love this work! Annie and Daniel's neighbor, Tim, is getting baptized this Saturday. It will be special to have a baptism with Sister Bills the last weekend we are companions. We get transfer calls next Monday! I am now second guessing wondering if President was messing with me when he told me I was getting transferred haha. The whole ward thinks I am leaving next week! I have LOVED this area. I am going to miss it so so much. I have loved getting to know all the faithful members in the ward. 

My heart was just so full this week! I felt like I received so much inspiration for how to better myself, and seeing all the recent converts in the temple was incredible! I love this gospel. I know that as we come unto Christ and help others come unto Christ, we see them change, as well as ourselves. 

P-day will be Tuesday next week because of Transfer week :) I do not want to leave Sister Kandare and Sister Allen! It was such a tender mercy having them here with me in East Sac.

I love you all so much! Have the best week!

Sister Hickman 
So excited to see Sister Campbell at Mission Conference! I have missed her tons. 

Campbell, Hickman & Kandare reunited :) It may be the last time until we finish our mission!

Excited for life with these two post-mission :)

Sister Bills and me at the mission conference with Elder Bednar!

Outside of the temple with the Mission Oak Ward. What a special day in Sacramento! 

Loved being with Annie and Daniel on this special day!

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