Monday, April 20, 2015

Folsom's on Fire!

Hello Everyone!! It was a CRAZY week! We did lots of exchanges/team ups (team ups is where sister wright and I both go into the other area and we each work with a companion), so I felt like I was hardly in my area with Sister Wright...which is a bummer because we love each other and our area! The other sisters' areas are struggling so all the zone leaders are on our case about doing exchanges all the time/helping etc. I really don't mind because I love helping other missionaries because I love my mission, but it is just hard because I wanna work my own area :) However, we know the Lord will bless us and our area as we fulfill our calling! 
Exchanges with Sister Allen! She had a great day coming to Folsom :) She said, "This has been the best day of missionary work of my whole mission!" We had a blast, and it was great to be with her again :)
The Lanes are doing awesome! They came to the ward activity this weekend and to church. They loved it all! the ward is SO good with them! We taught them the Big 3 (word of wisdom, chastity, tithing) and they are all good to go except for the smoking part. Ian has cut cold turkey, and Sara is cutting back. PRAYERS PRAYERS PRAYERS PLEASE!!! The baptism is 2 weeks away!!! EEEEKKKK!!!! I just love this family.

This week, we got these black boxes (called Tiwi's or something) put in all the mission cars. Lots of missions have them. We log in and it monitors our driving.....ugh I already have violations from speeding...yikes! It talks at you when you speed, dont stop, etc. We are all pretty annoyed haha but I wouldnt mind being fired from driving :) to all my friends, you are probably laughing reading this and are secretly so happy I am being forced to not be a crazy driver!!! 

Kody is doing SO GREAT! Seriously. He wanted Sister Wright and me to meet him at the temple grounds on Tuesday for a "testimony meeting." He just loves the gospel, and it is incredible to see the change in him! I keep messing with him that I am going to line him up with Bubba!! hahahaha. but really. I found my new bother-in-law :)

This whole purification thing is awesome! Just totally sacrificing it all for the Lord. Look up the talk "The Challenge to Purify." That will explain what we are doing. When you surrender to Him, miracles come! 

The Lanes and Kody are in Folsom 2nd ward. This ward has not had baptisms in like 2-3 years, so this is an exciting time! We have started teaching pretty solid people in the 4th ward, so we are sooo pumped! We want to find a family in 4th. The members are AWESOME and want to do missionary work so badly. We are doing an April fast in 4th ward, where someone in the ward is fasting everyday for the work. Folsom is happening! 

Just a fun fact: I never had sushi before my mission because I never wanted to try it. Well, I finally caved and I LOVE IT!!!! I cannot believe it took so long!

Sushi date with the Folsom Sisters :) Candids thanks to Sister Wright! 
I finished the Book of Mormon this week for my 2nd go around on my mission. The first time, I read it marking the "Doctrine of Christ." This last time was for "Christlike Attributes." I LOVED reading it that way. I did the Christlike attributes from Chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel. I totally recommend that! It was a tender mercy because I started that before training Sister Bills, and it had to have been inspired because when that training started I need to develop Christlike attributes more than ever! I am now reading it marking for Preach my Gospel Principles...like from the Lessons. passages having to do with the Restoration, Plan of Salvation, Gospel of Jesus Christ, etc. I have 2 more times to read it on my mission, so 4 times total :) The Book of Mormon is the best! I have a strong testimony that it is true and the word of God. It truly does strengthen our relationship with Christ. It adds as another witness to the Bible. If you want to FULL truth of the gospel, I am telling ya people, The Book of Mormon and the Bible is where it's at! 

I cannot even express how much I love my mission. I start to cry even thinking about it being over. This gospel is the best thing in the world. I do not even remember what I did with my life before my mission, but I sure know what I am doing with it when I get home! We have to "cling" to the rod. As we stay on the straight and narrow, we will be happy and experience true joy...none of that fake stuff! 

I love you all!! Have the very best week!!!!!! 

Sister Hickman

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