Monday, April 27, 2015

Emotional Roller Coaster!

Hi everyone!!!

It was a great week :) But man, it is hard being a missionary because I am so dang emotionally attached to everything!! This week we had exchanges with Sister Bills and her companion. Sister Wright went to their area with Sister Bills, and the companion came here with me. It was funny hearing about their day together when Sister Wright came back to Folsom. Sister Bills is doing well! 

Sister Wright's birthday was Thursday!! I will explain the day through pictures, so check the blog :) We threw a surprise thing at the Lane's with the ward. It was so cute seeing everyone at their home!!! It was a great day for Sister Wright. And you know me, I love birthdays :) 

So, the week was good with the Lane's and yesterday, when they walked into church, we asked if they would be comfortable with us announcing the baptism. We did not want to pressure them, since the whole "not smoking" thing is hard and the baptism could get pushed back. When we talked to them, Ian said, "I don't know if we can do this. It is a HUGE commitment and breaking of 17 year habits in just 30 days! I don't know if we can do this the rest of our lives." Okay well, I pretty much wanted to crawl in a hole and die. I held it together, and we talked it out. The boys started having meltdowns, and they did not want to be there. They were just tired. We went outside trying to talk things out. This is all before church. President Jardine came out and talked to them. I honestly was trying to not cry. They are SO READY to be baptized and can totally DO IT, but it is stupid satan!!!!! Ugh. We said a prayer all together and went into church. I just sobbed during sacrament meeting. It was fast and testimony meeting and the testimonies were ON POINT for them. But, I was jut an emotional wreck. I TRIED TO HOLD IT TOGETHER!! I REALLY DID!!!!!! I just had a rough weekend, and I felt like I had been holding in so much, and this was the breaking point. I have NEVER prayed so hard in my whole life then I did that sacrament meeting for that family. Church went so well, and the boys loved it more this time around. We think everything will be fine, but we honestly don't know what will happen. They will get baptized, but I could see it being pushed back to Mother's day weekend. So, PRAY PRAY PRAY!!! Whenever it happens is the Lord's timing. "When" doesn't stress me out, just that part of it ACTUALLY happening. I feel peace about it all working out how it us suppose to. 

This week will be super up in the air, but it will be a great week! transfers are next week, so Pday will be Tuesday. WE ARE FREAKING OUT! We do not want to be transferred from each other! So, we will just add that to my list of emotional problems!!!! hahahaha

Seriously, being a missionary is the best. I would not change this for the world. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be serving here in the Sacramento Mission. I know this Gospel is true, and it is the most incredible thing to see it change lives.

Have a great week everyone!
Sister Hickman  
We biked to the bagel shop for Sister Wright's birthday breakfast :) 

Sushi for the birthday lunch :)

We love Sister Lane :) Selfies for the win!

Celebrating Sister Wright at District Meeting! Love her lots and lots! 

Celebrating Sister Wright at District Meeting! Love her lots and lots! 

Sister Wright's Surprise birthday at the Lane's! Ian, Sara, Kalani (10) and Kai (4). LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!

the dream team :)

Little Bday treat from sweet, Sister Kolander :)

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