Tuesday, September 8, 2015

goodbye folsom, hello cordova!

Hi everyone!!! So much happened this week! To get it out of the way....transfer news is IN! I am shotgun (both missionaries are new in the area) training in the Rossmoor Ward in the Rancho Cordova stake. I get my little trainee tomorrow morning :) Until then, I am with Sister Wright and Sister Campbell. They are my STL's and are in my zone so that is fun! We have an apartment and I am soooo happy! It will just be me and my trainee in there. The elders who just moved out were not clean, so I will be cleaning it all today. Ugh. But I am pumped to have my own space! 
I wanted to shotgun train, so I am so happy! Me and Heavenly Father are on the same page :) When I heard only 2 sisters were coming out, I didnt think I would be because there are a lot of sisters who haven't trained that I thought would, so I wasn't really anticipating it. I am excited! This ward has had elders forever. It is fun following elders because everyone loves sisters, so they treat us like angels sent just for them! Sister Jardine came up to me at the transfer meeting today saying that this training will be nothing like my last experience. There are like 25 missionaries coming out total....so it is a HUGE group. I think it will be a solid group. It is fun because sister parkinson was at this point in her mission when she shot gun trained me! She had 3 transfers left. I am following in her shoes :) Our family legacy is carrying on! 
I wanted to serve in the Cordova zone because it covers downtown Sac, so I can go there on Pdays. I am pumped! We get to do a lot of service at the food bank downtown, and you all know I love that kind of stuff! I am glad to be serving here. It is known as the ghetto, but I have heard there are some nicer parts of my ward. 
It was so bittersweet leaving Folsom. I was ready, I will be honest. It has been a great 6 months there. I am glad we find out transfers now on Saturday night. I was able to bear my testimony in the wards and say bye. It was so sad leaving Sister Briggs. I love her a lot and already miss her tons. I didnt cry the whole time through the transfer process (that was a FIRST), but when we got to the transfer meeting Monday morning early, we went into a room to read our scriptures and we said a prayer together for the last time as companions, and I just started crying. I cannot thank Heavenly Father enough for the people He puts into my life!!!! My heart is so full!
I went to the podiatrist on Thursday and got a cortisone shot, and I AM TOTALLY BACK TO NORMAL!!!! YAY! no surgery or anything. I think my foot will be fine for a very long time. That was a huge blessing. I got to run and bike my last weekend in Folsom. It could not have been better. We had a ton of miracles in Folsom this last week!
I wanted to share of an experience. On Wednesday, I woke up, and I did not feel well at all. I had been getting sick, and my whole body was just weak and achy. We went out and worked, but I was just struggling all day. I wanted to go home and sleep so badly. I kept praying to Heavenly Father all day to just help me do what He needed me to do and to have the strength to keep going since I wasnt back in bed resting!! We were trying this less-active family, and the younger daughter answered...who I didnt even know existed. Long story short: she has had the lessons a while ago but never got baptized because she thought it was crazy. She agreed to listen again, and we taught her and she goes, "wait, this makes total sense. How did I not see it before?" The spirit was so strong and she wants to be baptized! She is a junior in high school. I thought of this quote Sister Campbell had showed me a few months ago. "When you are tired or discouraged, when it has been a long day and it seems that nothing is going right, reflect on the counsel that President Hinkley's father gave to him, 'Forget yourself and go to work!' and think to yourself 'pull it one more mile.' It is then that miracles happen!" My testimony grew so much on this. Through all of my foot problems and then just getting sick, as I pressed forward, the Lord provided. This is His work and it happens in His time. That day, I truly wanted to just go back to the house, and then we were lead to this girl. It was a miracle indeed. 
As a chapter in Folsom ends, a new begins in Cordova. I hope I can impact my trainee the way Sister Parkinson impacted me. It is the most incredible experience training a new missionary, and I am thankful to get to one last time. I am excited to tell you about her next week!!!! 
Love you all!! Have the best week!!! I miss you all so much! I am excited for a new missionary because I cant talk about home or she will think I am trunky and no one wants a trunky trainer! It was hard with Sister Briggs and I being out the same about of time because we talked about post-mission plans a lot. This will help me focus because it is stressful shotgunning and training, so with the both together, my brain wont be able to hold anything more! 
Talk to you next Monday :)
Sister Hickman 
The Folsom Sisters from the last 6 months saying bye to our favorite
Elder Wright who is heading home! He is coming to Oklahoma by
homecoming weekend (so he plans), so you will meet him then! He is
like my mission brother.

The folsom zone at zone training on Friday!

I am sad to be leaving these two. They will have great rest of their missions!!!

The sweet woman who lived by us in Folsom wanted us over for lunch.
She couldnt remember our last names, so she names us after Disney
Princesses. Sister Briggs was Cindy (cinderella), and I was Belle.
hahaha she bought us these little disney dolls to remember. We were
talking and she lovesss mormons. We said something about Jesus Christ,
and she said, "wait, I had no idea Mormons believed in Jesus Christ! I
thought you just thought He was just a good guy!" Yes, We are
Christians!!!!!! His name is on our name-tag for crying out loud!

Sister Christensen, a member in my ward, makes the BEST chocolate
banana shakes ever!!! She made them for us the night before I left :)

Sister Briggs and I's last Sunday together in Folsom. I MISS HER

The house I lived in the last 6 months in Folsom. She member is a
widow! It is so sweet she lets us live there. I am excited for an
apartment now, though :)

I love the Ryan's! They are like my Folsom older siblings :) I am
going to miss them!

The Edmondson's! Bro Edmondson was my Ward Mission Leader in 4th ward.
They took great care of me!! They are like family. This is at
breakfast the morning I left Folsom.

The Sister Training Leaders with Sister Jardine at the Mission
Leadership Council. Not going to lie, I am excited to be done being an
STL! I was tired of doing zone trainings.

hahahah missionary probs

my first day back running!! Friday was a happy day :)

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