Monday, August 31, 2015

no longer crippled & susan's baptism!

hi everyone!!! what a week!!!
first off, Susan got baptized yay!!!! But I will come back to that :) 
Last Pday after I emailed, I went back to the doctor. I DONT HAVE GOUT! that is the good news :) He looked at my xray, and I have a calcification. It looks like a bunion and is in the place of a bunion. I got trauma sometime and the calcium lays to protect, or something like that. The doctor said the surgery to get it removed is pretty simple, but that he said I can get it after my mission. He said I will be fine the next 4 months of my mission. I said, "you are telling me to crutch around for 4 more months!? How long is the recovery??" He said not long but that he wouldn't recommend me for it. He is a bishop for a ward in our stake. I was pretty annoyed. I left the doctor very discouraged because I had no clue when my foot would get better. On Tuesday, I had a meltdown. We were out trying names and no one was answering. We literally had nothing to do. I was like, "if we were on bike, we wouldnt have this problem!" We went to teach this less-active, and I wasnt even there mentally. So, this all was not only hurting me physically but the mental side came. I got in the car and said, "Sister Briggs, I am calling President. I am going home to get surgery. I will come right back! This is not fair to you, me, the area or anything else! If the solution is simple, why not do it! I can be good to go in no time. I cannot even be a missionary right now. I am not capable." The fist thing she said was, "Did you pray about it?" Wow, you would think I would have learned something as a missionary! haha I said, "No, but it just sounds right." I called President and told him. He said since I am under 6 months, they wouldnt let me come back out, if I went home for surgery. They would just say I finished my mission. I just started crying. My blessing said I would have the ability to finish my mission. I want to be here. But I also realized my reasons for staying were selfish. If there is a missionary that is more capable than me, that can do the work, The Lord needs them. I am holding it all back. President told me to go to the mission home that night for us to talk about it. Over lunch, I prayed about it. This overwhelming feeling came that the Lord wanted me, however I was. That He would make up the slack. If we aren't THE BEST, we can't say, "Oh I shouldnt be the one doing that...Im not the best. Like, I should not have been a mom...these kids could have had a better mom." things like that kept coming to mind. The Lord wants our desires and He will use them to touch other people. The rest of the day went better, and I knew it would get better. We went to the mission home and we talked about it. I have an appointment with a pediatrist this week, so we are getting a second opinion. President said I am learning patience from this trial. I guess that lesson from training didnt quite stick :) BUT HERE IS THE MIRACLE! This all happened Tuesday...and I went to bed that night and woke and my foot FELT SO GREAT!!!! I WAS OFF CRUTCHES!! I just have a walking boot. Truly, my foot doesnt really hurt at all. God literally healed me over night, Im not even kidding. I have never been so thankful to walk. It is wonderful :) I am going to try to bike this coming week. Hallelujah! 
So, Susan's baptism :) It was such a stress-free week, in terms of that because she was just so excited and felt so much peace about it! It was the most spiritual baptism ever!!!!!!!! Her long-time friends spoke at it. Sister Briggs and I did the missionary moment of the Restoration. A member of the Stake Presidency (former mission pres) spoke. It was so so good. The Jardines were there and they had friends in town visiting from Utah. I was DRAINED saturday night from feeling the Spirit so strongly. Susan bore her testimony and talked about the Prodigal Son and how she feels like that and now God is welcoming her home. It was so sweet. She is awesome! She will do so well in the Church. Guys, we literally met her at a park 4 months ago and she was searching. They are out there. I still remember the day, vividly, when we met her. I am so grateful I was here to experience every step of her conversion. She got confirmed yesterday, and it was so special. All of the talks in sacrament meeting were on the Holy Ghost. It was perfect! and 2/3 speakers were converts and talked about that. It was like God prepared the meeting just for Susan! She needed to hear exactly what was said. Such a tender mercy! 
I just love the people on my mission so much. I cannot wait for my family to meet them. I think that is the weirdest part about all of this is how you all don't know these people here that have my heart!!! and you all don't know "Sister Hickman." It is just so weird! For eternity, the people, places, and memories in the Sacramento Mission will have  huge place in my heart. It doesnt even seem real sometimes because I just feel like I have these two separate lives/worlds. I wish they could be one! Im feeling a little sentimental because I went to a wedding reception Saturday night for one of my Bishop's daughters and him and his wife are from huge families in this area, so they know everyone. I saw soooo many people from my old areas, and my heart was so happy! I just love these people. I cannot even begin to describe it. 
I have been pondering a lot about my foot, etc. I think I needed that to get out of my "rut" one for all. I would kinda get out, then slip back in. But after being healed, I'm like alright let's do this!!! I have 4 months to do the best thing in the world in the best place in the world! Missions are the best. The relationships are indescribable. The former mission pres who spoke at Susan's baptism talked about the genius of the Church....serving and building relationships. He talked about missionaries dreading getting transferred from their converts. Yeah....I started crying like a baby when he said that because transfers are NEXT WEEK! and I dont want to leave Susan! The people out here are all we have as missionaries. The bond between missionaries and converts is one of the most special relationships out there. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for this experience. The ups and the downs. I wouldnt have it any other way. You better get those mission papers in, Bubba!

Love you all. thank you for your prayers. Transfer calls come Saturday then we leave early Monday morning. So, Pday is Tuesday and I will be in my new area. Well, assuming I am getting transferred. I probs will, I have been here 6 months haha. I LOVE Folsom. It is a huge part of my mission, but I am ready to go. It feels right. I LOVE Sister Briggs. I didnt think it would be that great at first, but we work so well together. She is one of my favorite companions. We arent super close like besties, but we just get along so well! I will definitely see her after my mission and keep up with her. I REALLY want to shotgun train. So, go to a new area with a new missionary. There are 5 sisters coming out. We'll see. I really hope I train again before I go home. I think it will be so good for me. And Im still praying for the Fijian branch!!!! 
Have a great week!!! 

Sister Hickman 
Ps. Im attaching a picture from after the baptism for my missionary friends to see who cant see my blog!
same baptismal day...outfit change for the wedding reception :)  boots
are the new style :) PTL FOR BEING ABLE TO WALK!!!!!
same baptismal day...outfit change for the wedding reception :)  boots
are the new style :) PTL FOR BEING ABLE TO WALK!!!!!

Susan & her missionaries before the baptism :)

Susan & me after the baptism. I couldn't be more happy for her! what a
blessing to experience this journey with her.

my folsom companions :) sister briggs trained sister wright, so we
have all been companions. it is so fun :)

Such a special day on Temple Hill! I will miss this place & these people.

when Susan says the prayers to end our lessons, she always prays that
Sister Briggs and I will find wonderful husbands haha it is the
funniest thing.

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