Monday, November 9, 2015

God is pouring down with rain&miracles

Hi everyone!
This week was so great!!
The sweet family with 3 daughters is doing awesome! The girls are moving right along. The mom is more hesitant because she has so much going on. 
The girl, Nicole, who we met inviting to the harvest festival? I was gone for the lesson on exchanges, but Sister Lillie was here. It went awesome! She is so solid....BUT literally she just texted us like 10min ago and thanked us for bringing her back to God, but that she wants to go back to her Catholic faith. hahah Sister Lillie goes, "does that happen a lot?" I said..Yes! people will drift from God and they meet us and re-discover God and then go back to their old faith. But hey, at least they are going back to church and God in general! 
We got a sweet referral this week for a guy who lives in the nice part of our area. We are pumped for that! We teach him and his fiance tomorrow! 
We taught some other lessons this week for investigators we found! We have been so busy, which is so nice! Sister Lillie got the clear from the Doctor to be on bike, so we were on bike this week! It is so nice to be back at it :) She loves it, which is awesome! It has been so fun talking to people. The weather finally changed, so I am a little whimp in the cold. I will adjust soon. I was on bike last winter, so I know that I will be fine! 
We are really working with the youth to talk to their friends. Next week, Sister Lillie and I are doing a temple tour up at the temple for the youth to bring their friends to. We have been all over them about who they are inviting! It has been good for them! 
I wanted to share a story that Sister Campbell used in Zone training. It is the story of Naaman in 2 Kings chapter 5:1-14. Basically, the prophet Elisha tells Naaman to wash in the River Jordan 7 times to be clean of his leprosy. Naaman thinks it is ridiculous because he figured God would come and just heal him! Naaman's servant says, "...if the prophet had bid thee do some great thing, wouldest thou not have done it? how much rather then, when he saith to thee, wash, and be clean?" I love this story because how often do we say that we will do WHATEVER God asks us to, even if it is soooo hard? Well, most often, it is the little simple things that He asks us to do that will make us whole. I have been thinking a lot about the small & simple things everyday that I can do to show my love and appreciation for God. I want to follow ALL that He asks...not just the big things and over look the simple ones. You all should go read that story! It really touched me.
I am so grateful for all of the blessings in my life! I have so much to be thankful for. I love you all so much!!!! Have the best week! and remember to not overlook the easy things :)
Sister Hickman 
Can't forget about our 16 month picture :)

A member made "poutine" for sister Lillie. Canadians like it I guess!
It is big there. It is fries, gravy, and mozzarella cheese.

We went and volunteered at the football game Friday night! The girls
wanted us to see them :) Bibi is on the far left, Zayira is between us
and the one on the right is another young woman in the Ward. We
couldn't stay for their halftime show, but it was fun to go and meet
their friends and be in the community!

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