Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hi everyone!!!

Hi everyone!!!
It has been an amazing week :) 
So, that referral I told you about? We taught him Tuesday morning and he IS LEGIT!!!!!!!! His name is Lee. A member in another area works with Lee, and has been sharing the gospel with him. Lee works to makes spines or something for surgeons? Idk but he is like awesome at his job. the member said he is famous in the medical world or something.The member came to the lesson, and Lee was like "I will be the easiest person you teach because I want to be baptized!" He talked about how the world he is in is shallow and their isnt much meaning behind it and the gospel gives that to him. It was so cool. He has two daughters middle school aged and a little 2 year old boy with his fiance. so yes, some sort of wedding will have to take place. but, he is on date for December 19. What a miracle!!!! I cannot even tell you!!!!!!!!!! When we were teaching him I was like, this guy is going to be a bishop some day. We are teaching him every tuesday and thursday morning. I am so excited! It has been neat to see the role of the member in all of this. 

James Hamula (of the Seventy) came to our mission for a zone conference on friday. It was super good!! He talked about becoming Christlike through 3 steps:
1. Accepting that we are FREE to ACT. We are forced into anything.
2. Act outward how you want to feel inward.He did not mean it to be fake. But as our actions show how we want to be, our heart will change.
3. Apply the Atonement. Pray for the grace of Jesus Christ to change us and give us strength!

It was awesome. His wife was my favorite! she was just so real. And so loving. They have twin boys on missions right now. They talked about setting our mission on fire. There has been a great vibe throughout the mission!

President said Thanksgiving will not be a P-day this year. people are freaking out but it will be fine! we have announced to our members and a lot will have us over with their nonmeber family members and we are going to put together a thanksgiving-gospel message to share with everyone. It will be good!
The youth temple tour is this Wednesday night. We are excited about it!  It is fun seeing the youth get involved in missionary work.

I am loving the fall weather and being back in bike. I love this area! transfers are the end of the month and I hope I stay!!!!
I know this gospel of true. I know we are led by a prophet today under the direction of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the direction, foundation, and peace the gospel brings. 

I love you all! have the best week! 
Sister Hickman 
Sister Briggs and I at zone conference with our babies!!!!

The best group of sisters that ever came out!! Missing sister Kandare
and the other 3 in our group :) July 2014 produced some great
missionaries :)

Companions on companions on companions! I've been companions with all
of them, sister wright and Campbell are companions now and sister
Briggs trained sister wright. I love these 3!!!

President came up to me and said "sister Hickman, is that a new
skirt?! Don't think I wouldn't notice!!" I told him that I bought it
before my mission! I just haven't worn it haha.
It was so fun seeing sister Briggs! She is definitely one of my
favorite companions. It is so funny bc we are so different and were
scared to be companions but we made the best team! She reminds me of
sister Parkinson :)

Zone conference reunions are the best :) love these people!!

We volunteered at the Veteran's Day parade downtown by the Capitol and
here is our giant Book of Mormon we used to proselyte! On the Capitol
grounds of Sacramento....pretty legit!!! Our zone made it to use
around the mission.
This woman was in the parade and I found out that the baby was born
July 22 and her name is Jenevieve!! (With a j). How crazy?!?! I told
her my niece was born July 22 and named Genevieve!!!! It made my day

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