Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How has it already been 5 months!?

Hello everyone!! 

It has been a great couple days since Thanksgiving. We went and had dinner that day with a family in the ward. It was fun! But honestly, it did not feel like a holiday without family. It wasn't "sad" because it did not feel like a holiday or anything special...just another day! 

Things have been great in the area with Sister Garrido. She is a clone of Olivia Pope. S/O to all the Scandel fans out there. She carries herself like Olivia Pope and talks to people like her. It is so funny. I tell her all the time how she is her CLONE! We have a baptism this Saturday! It is for Annie and her husband, Daniel. They have been teaching Annie for about 3 months, but her husband, Daniel, just started coming around since around the time I got here. We are excited they are taking this step together! 

The Church's big PR Christmas push starts today. Check it out at christmas.mormon.org
Seriously, the Church is the bomb with their PR. We have special pass-along-cards, etc to share with people. I am excited because who would not want to hear about Jesus at Christmas-time?! The video is pretty good. Not as good as the Easter, "Because of Him," but it is great! You can check it out at the website!

We have had so many miracles this week. From talking to everyone we pass, to pulling over on the side of the street to follow a prompting to talk to that person, to knocking on random doors, Heavenly Father has been leading us to those prepared people!!! It is incredible!

I am just so happy right now in my mission. Sister Garrido and I really push each other and strengthen each other. We work hard and make the work FUN. I love going out everyday talking to people. 

I think I will truly learn the real meaning of Christmas this year. It will not be about the presents, family, fun memories, etc. It will be about sharing the message of Christ with others. For that, I am thankful! It will help me see a new, GREAT perspective that I hope has an effect on me for the rest of my life. 

Thanks for all your prayers and kind words! Life in Sacramento is good. There is great reason to rejoice! 

Until next week,
Sister Hickman 

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