Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry, merry Christmas!!!! 

Lots of fun things have been happening! Last week, I went on exchanges (I am not even going to attempt to explain that word) in my old area in Carmichael!! It was the best! I got to see Albert, Mohammed, and Wesley with Sister Wilson. Since I never got to say bye to them because of the emergency transfer, it was so fun to see them. They are doing great. Wesley and Mohammed received the priesthood! Albert is in Minnesota right now figuring out his papers, so hopefully he will be working, with an apartment in the next few months. That means a baptism too :) 
Back in Carmichael for the day with Sister Wilson and Albert, Mohammed, & Wesley. It was so fun!
In Carmichael! 
Taking on Carmichael with Sister Wilson for the day!
My Liberians :) I just love them!
The two areas have been going well! Tuesday night, some recent converts got together and a La Sierra member brought Mohammed and Wesley to meet Annie and Daniel and others! It was so fun having all my recent converts together. I felt like a proud mom :) Their testimonies are so strong, and it truly has been a blessing to have the privilege of being a part of their lives. 
Annie (recent convert) came out with us, and she was INCREDIBLE!!!!! Her testimony just explodes with the Spirit. She is changing lives already!!!!! 
My recent converts from my last area and this area!!! They loved meeting! It was a powerful testimony meeting. 
Annie made us African food for dinner one night :)
I MET MY GRANDMA!!!! This is Sister Parkinson's trainer, Sister Brewer (pronounced Poya...she is from Germany). She came back to visit the mission. I loved meeting her!!!!!! 
This morning I talked to my fam! It was great. They haven't changed :) Whatever Bubba tells you I said.....dont believe her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
picking up our Christmas packages from President! Sadly, he did not dress up as Santa.
Ugly Christmas sweaters with the sisters in our zone :)
My cousin, David, and his fam came to visit me on Christmas!! They surprised me! they live about 15 min away. It was fun seeing family on Christmas :) We are spending the day at the Bishop's house, and they happen to be friends so they planned it all out! 

As I sit and reflect on this Christmas season, alone on a mission, I think about how I have learned to understand what Christmas is all about. It is about our Savior. I am so thankful I get to talk about him to everyone I see on the street. I get to hear the testimonies of the people who live here in Sacramento and how Christ has touched their lives. It is not about the presents, the tree, or cute family instagrams. It is about understanding what Christ means for us and our families. 

I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that He is my Savior and Redeemer. I know that because He was born and lived, I can return to live with my Father in Heaven. Sometimes people look at us and say, "you are only 20 years old." However, the message that we carry is very real. It changes lives. It has changed mine. I am about to hit my 6 month mark. I am not sure if my family agrees after talking to me today, but I am not the girl I was 6 months ago. I have struggled, succeeded, felt the most joy,and most sadness in these last 6 months. My testimony has grown, and I know the lessons and experience I am having now are setting the foundation for the rest of my life. If you have the chance to serve a mission, do it. Never in my life will I have the opportunity to consecrate all of my time and talents 24/7 as a set-apart representative of Jesus Christ. It is a sacred calling, and I love nothing more than putting on my name tag everyday to find those that He would. I would be lying if I said I didnt miss my family and friends, especially today, but when you are lost in the work of the Lord, He comforts you and it isnt that bad. I am not homesick because I know I have the rest of my life to have Christmas with my fam. 

thank you to everyone who has sent emails, packages, and letters. I sure did feel loved today :)

I love you all so much! Enjoy the holidays! We are all so blessed!

Sister Hickman
My friends and family are the best!! This is our little Christmas tree :)
THE CUTEST STOCKING EVER!! I am obsessed :) 
We sent this to our MTC District in St. Louis. Yes, we are in our matching Christmas PJ's :) I love being companions with Sis Campbell!

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