Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Transfer Week!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

FINALLY A NORMAL TRANSFER FOR ME!! Woohooo! We are staying here in East Sac! Training is 12 weeks (2 transfers) just incase you forgot from when I was trained :) Sister Kandare and her comp, Sister Allen are staying, so I am super happy about them still being by me!

For some big news:
Remember Alec? Our legit, solid, golden investigator from the Roseville Mission? Well, we passed him off this week to his ward. He has Elders there! Well, this week we called President for permission to go to his baptism in that mission. He said, "I have to get permission from the area authority, so I don't think that will happen! They are strict about missionaries leaving the mission." Well, for those who know me, you know I am persistent :) Learned it from my mom :) We speak up! I kept talking to him and he said, "wait, I do have to call him tomorrow about something,so I will ask!" President called us the next day, and he said we have permission to go!! WOOHOO On FEBRUARY 21st WE ARE GOING TO ALEC'S BAPTISM!!!! Talk about the best 21st birthday I could ask for!!! :) We are SO excited. 

We started teaching Annie and Daniel's neighbor a few weeks ago. He is a very nice guy. He cannot read/write, so it is hard to teach him simply, but he has a sweet soul. He is getting baptized on February 28th. He is so excited. He just glows at church. My first white baptisms this month!! hahahah
The restaurant that Mohammed works at is in East Sac, so Sister Wilson and I could never go when we served together because we couldn't leave the Carmichael Zone! Well, this week, Sister Wilson was on exchanges in East Sac, so we went and visited him! He is doing so great!!! 

I have been studying A LOT about charity. And, I have been praying hardcore for it. I feel myself changing so much and viewing things differently. I feel like the last week of my mission has been one of the best because I tried to do everything out of pure love. Not because I am supposed to. Or because it is my "job." Or because this or that. I tried to teach every lesson, talk to every person, help Sister Bills, out of the pure love of Christ. I thought I loved everything and everyone about my mission (which I still do), but it has gotten so much deeper than that. I think as a missionary, it is easy to do everything out of "responsibility." Like, "well, this is what I have to do as a missionary." I felt the Spirit work through me so much more this week, as I focused on charity. It has been incredible. Things are LOTS better with Sister Bills. We had a great talk this week where she opened up a LOT. I think this transfer will be really good for us. 

I have been just so happy lately! I feel myself fulfilling more of my purpose of helping others come unto Christ. Sometimes, it is in the smallest ways. I love you all so much!!! 

Have a great week,
Sister Hickman

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