Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Crazy, Exciting WEEK!!!!

 Hi hi Everyone!!!!

SOOO I turned 21 this week!! woop woop!!! It was a fun day. I HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS AND FAMILY EVER!!! Seriously, all the missionaries out here were like, "wow, you are loved!" You all are THE BEST!!! The day started off early early with zone sports at the church with all the missionaries. I walk out of the apartment and Sister Kandare and Sister Allen decorated my door! WE go to the church and play sports, and then Sister Kandare and I went on a run. As we came back, all the missionaries jumped out and started singing Happy Birthday and they decorated my car! Then, we headed back to the house for studies. Sister Allen and Sister Kandare came over to open presents with me :) I LOVED THE BOOK FROM MY FRIENDS! I was actually really homesick all day. haha it was hard. Luckily, I only have one birthday out here :) I dont think I could do it again! Everyone knows how I love birthdays, and I just wanted to be with my friends and family! Anyways, the day continued, and we went to lunch with Kandare and Allen, after their District Meeting. Then after lunch, Sister Bills and I went to ours. They split our district this transfer and everyone is together and then me and SIster bills...it is so lonely! I think they want the extra attention for her. So, that was fun. They made me a banana cake (yes, sister parkinson, our fav :)) :) It was so yummy! We had some appointments, then for dinner we went over to the Mendoza's and Annie and Daniel (recent converts) came because Annie's bday was the next day!! It was fun! I was exhausted at the end of the day. 

Alec got baptized saturday!!! IT WAS AWESOME! All of his nonmember friends and family were there. It was weird being out of the mission, but it was great!!! I am glad that we could be apart of it.

I just want to say thank you to all of you. Especially my mom, who made sure I had so much love. Like I said, it was hard to be away, but you all made me feel so special!!!!! Sister Kandare was so thoughtful all day. Her bday is in 2 weeks, so luckily I can return the favor to her :) She is the best. Thank you all for being so thoughtful and for all your kind words, etc. It was a fun week! LOTS of PICS ARE COMING!!!!


Sister Hickman 

All the notes from you all :) You made me feel so loved!

Reading the book my best friends made for me!!! Pictures and letters....they know the way to my heart :)
With Sister Joyner, our member who started the lessons for him, and Alec's friend, David, who he met 7 years ago and first introduced him to the Church. David came up from San Diego to baptize him! It was so special!
Annie and I's birthday dinner! so fun!
My girls!!! Sister Kandare and her comp, Sister Allen. We have already planned so many trips for after our missions. I cannot wait for you all to meet them :)

Celebrating again at the church! 

Words cannot explain how thankful I am for Sister Kandare! She is the one who was in he MTC with me :) We always say that it feels like we have known each other forever because we were together from the beginning!
THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT I RECEIVED...I AM HAVING A NIECE!!!! Baby Genevieve will be born in July :) Wow, she has a great name :) I cannot wait to spoil her rotten because she has to look adorable the moment she is born...she is carrying on my name!! :)

Alec's baptism!!!! I had fun helping Sister Bills get ready :) I could not de-frizz her hair!!! It is like ethnic hair, I swear!!! 

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