Monday, February 16, 2015

Woah, I turn 21 this week!!!

Hi everyone!!!!

I turn 21 this week. HOW WEIRD!!!!! It will be an interesting day haha I will email next week about how it goes!!
I debated whether to send this because my friends will be like "oh no oh no you cannot be serious." Y"all, this is really what I look like on my bike everyday, and it seriously is THE BEST!!!!!

so....for this week....IT WAS FULL OF MIRACLES LET ME TELL YOU!

This Saturday, we are still going to Alec's baptism....YAY!! :) Sister Bills and I are doing the "missionary moment" at it, so we are excited :)

We got a referral from Bishop for some guy. We went and met him and he goes, "I have had the lessons a million times, I have a testimony, but ex-wife and kids are all members, but I couldn't get baptized because I was on parole. Now, I am off and I now it is my time!" I think my jaw LITERALLY dropped. lol seriously. We will let you know what happens. Hopefully a baptism in March for him!?!? Yes!!!!

There is a recent-returning woman to church. She has two kids, ages 11 and 12. She wants them baptized, but she does not want to force them. We went over there and met the daughter. We talked to her and asked to teach her and she said yes! When we went back to teach her, the brother came out and said he wants the lessons too! They want them separate though...so they dont argue haha. We are super excited about it!!!

There is a FAMILY that the Spanish Elders have been teaching. Turns out...they want to come to an English ward. It is a cute husband, wife, and their 3 year old son. They came to church yesterday and loved it!!! We are hoping to get them on-date for March...EEEKK!!!!!

It has just been the very best week! I said to Sister Bills, "Who did I tell you that Heavenly Father needed us to help FIRST?" She said, "each other." I said, "and now that we have...see what is happening?!?!" Comp unity comes first and then everything else falls into place. I have SUCH a testimony of that!!!!
Sister Garrido told me to take a selfie with Sister Bills to "loosen" her up haha here it is. It may be my favorite picture from my mission :)

So, for a scary story. Thursday night, we were seeing a recent convert with this young couple in the ward. We left on our bikes after. It was about 8:15pm, so we had one more stop to make before going home at 9pm. We are biking along, and I make a right at a major street. I am usually always looking behind because Sister Bills always gets caught up at places and falls behind. I start biking down the street after turning to the apartments we were going to. A car went in the gate so I biked SO FAST to get into the gate or we would have missed it. I figured Sis Bills would eventually catch up. I am waiting in the path of the gate, thinking that it would not close on me...lol I was wrong. It starts closing on my and squishes my bike and me....yes, people saw and were laughing at me. I do not see Sister Bills ANYWHERE! I think to myself, forget this gate, I am going to leave and see if I see her. I go to the street and do not see her lights at all. It is dark, so I am looking for her bike lights. I start panicking. I then realized how I have not been alone for 7 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!! It is dark, late, and our area is pretty sketch. I call the members we were just with and ask them to look for her as they are coming down the street. I turn my hard and for a SPLIT SECOND, I see Sister Bills little red light biking in a distance the OPPOSITE way that I was going. She turned left at the light, not right. I am on the phone and say...turn left turn left I think I see her!! I tell them to stay on the phone with me while I mike to them. I was biking so fast to them! The members found her biking along. I asked her where she was going and she said home. I said, "Sister Bills, it is 8:15pm, when have we ever gone home at this time? We work until 9pm. We have plans in our planner, and home is the OPPOSITE direction anyways." She was biking into the ghetto!!!!!!!!! She had no phone, not a clue where ANYTHING was and was alone. Oh my gosh. Heavenly Father was totally looking out for us that I was guided to look into the direction of her for a second long enough to see her little light, otherwise, we may not have found her for a very long time. She is extremely directionally challenged and does not know where a thing is in the area. So, overall, we are fine. But I was like, "sister bills, what in the world were you doing/" If you fall behind, yell my name or just stop! dont guess which way I went. They members were super concerned and made me call President. We are now in car at night ahhaha. Safety first I guess. She is just not "all there" really, but it will all be fine. When I was talking to PResident I said, "please just tell me, will I be staying after this transfer or will she? I need to know how much to prepare her to stay in the area without me." He said, "Sister Hickman, you will be leaving, so you better get your area book ready." Oh great!!!! hahaha at least I know. I am really going to push her learn the area because it is becoming a huge problem. I am bummed to be leaving here in 6 weeks though! I love it! I told Ward Council yesterday and they freaked ahha they said, "We told your Mission Pres not to move you!!!!"
These are some less actives in the ward from FIJI!!! Oh my gosh, I freaked out when I met them!!! There is another Fijian woman in the ward and all of them know the Magoons, a family that we fished with in Fiji! Such a small world!! It makes my heart so happy!

Things really have been going so well with us. Last week, I took her shopping and bought her some cute clothes and she has been so confident!! everytime she wore something new, EVERYONE that day complimented her. She said she feels so confident! All the sisters have been saying, "sister hickman, we have not seen her glow so much!" It is so cute. I said "Sister Bills, look good...feel good....it is a real thing!!!" I think she wants to dress cute but has NO clue how. When she first came, I didnt bother because I did not want to "change" her because it is not my place. But I think she likes the help. She will be looking so cute at the baptism, just you all wait :) 

THANK YOU ALL WHO HAVE SENT STUFF FOR MY BDAY!!! I will be sending pics next week :)

I love you all!!!! Seriously, things are so great here!!!

Sister Hickman

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