Monday, February 2, 2015

7 months today!!!

Hello hello! I cannot believe today is my 7-month mark! TIME FLIES. Let me tell you. Seriously! 

So...for the big news...some of you may know....I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNTIE!!!! WOOHOOO! I have been holding this in too long. Annalee and Mychal will be having a baby in July. You better believe that is the first human I want to see when I get off the plane :)))) My Aunts are my favorite people in the world, so I cannot WAIT to be Aunt Genny :) 

I had Katie post that blog post from that Sister missionary because my friends write me every week and say, "Genny, I read your blog, but I just do not understand what you are doing!!!" HAhah it always makes me laugh. You really cannot describe a mission. BUT. I thought that girl did a GREAT job of explaining how we feel, what we experience, etc. It is not to be like, "oh poor me sacrificing so much." I know that thousands are doing this around the world in the Church. This blog is really for my friends to know what is going on in my life for 18 months! And, I know everyone has tough companions. I know that is part of a mission. Just because I am "open" about it, does not mean I am throwing myself a pity party. Just wanted to clear that all up :)

So, for this week! Alec, our legit investigator, is just the best. We put him on date for Feb 21st, and usually when we do that, it is just tentative. Well, his Mormon friend who grew up with him has booked his plane ticket to come baptize him that weekend! Talk about the best birthday present I could have!!! He is awesome! BUT, this week we are passing him off to the Roseville mission for his ward. He has to get baptized there, etc, but we are going to try and get permission from President to go to the baptism. We will see!
At Zone Conference with Sister Kandare and her comp, Sister Allen!

Love my Sister Kandare :) What a tender mercy we are in the same zone!

East Sacramento Zone
This week, I have been struggling a lot with "perfectionism." You either are perfect or a failure. Well here is the problem, there is no such thing as perfect. The best talk ever is "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox, given at a BYU devotional. If you have time, look it up :) I wish I could quote the whole talk here. He talks about how Christ's grace does not make up the difference, but that it makes ALL the difference. Christ is not pulling for us, but He is pulling WITH us. Here on earth, we are preparing for Heaven. Of course we are not perfect. But, if we are striving to be the best that we can be, we will be more comfortable living in God's presence. We will always fall short. Always. That is what Jesus Christ is for. He went suffered for us in the Garden of Gethsemane to feel our pains, sorrows, failures, temptations, etc. He did that, so that He ca HELP US when we do fall short. Boy, am I thankful for that!!!! IT is not black or white, perfect or a failure. We are learning every step of the way, and we have to be willing to keep moving forward when we fall short. I always feel these high expectations to be perfect, but that just is not realistic. I am just tired of everyday feeling like I am failing, but that is when I have to lean on Christ more than ever. 
BYU Devotional talk: to watch/listen- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLXr9it_pbY

I am so grateful for my Savior and His redeeming love. I am grateful for a LOVING Father in Heaven, who we can communicate with through prayer. This is week 6 of the transfer, so next week is transfer P-day on Tuesday! Although this has been the hardest part of my mission, it has still gone by sooooo fast. I cannot even believe it! I am about halfway done with training!!!! 
Sister Bills' closet.....and then...

And this is mine.....lol. and I have clothes filling two suitcases. embarrassing.......

Thank you for all you do for me :) I am soooo behind on writing letters, and everyone keeps emailing me reminding me of my birthday month this month, so hopefully I do not get even more behind on responding :)

Have a great week!!!!! 

Sister Hickman

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