Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Crazy Week!!!

Hi everyone!!! 


Celebrating our 10 month with my girl, Sister Campbell! So happy she is still in the Folsom zone with me :) We had a picnic on Temple Hill and saw lots of weddings that day...oops :) 

I feel like I title every week a "crazy week." Hahah that is a mission for you. Well, just life actually, right? :) So, big stuff happened this week.

Starting with Monday night after I emailed....the Lane's decided to POSTPONE the baptism. It did not happen. We went over there to talk to them. They were nervous about telling us....probably because I cried like a baby in church last sunday!!!!!!!! They just need more time. We literally only taught them 30 days, and they want to look around at other churches to make sure this is the one. We felt like they were breaking up with us!! haha bur seriously. I was super bummed, but I have no doubt that one day it will happen. Idk when. maybe this transfer...maybe in a couple months. I have faith in the Lord's timing. We still see them every week to build their testimonies, but it just feels different. I was just sort of depressed all week. BUT lots of miracles happened yesterday that I will tell you about :)

President called on thursday to tell us something and at the end said, "Oh, Sister Hickman, did you know Sister Bills is leaving the mission to do a service mission in SLC?" I said, "WHAT?!?!? is this her doing or the Church's?" He said she came to him asking for that. I was glad it was her decision and not someone telling her she can't be here. I started crying on the phone talking to her. I really do love that girl, and I wanted her to serve the full 18 months more than ANYTHING. I asked if I could go have lunch with her and say bye (perks of being her STL, I could leave the zone to see her...tender mercy!!!). We went down there, so I could see her. she is so at peace. she was scared to death to tell me because she thought I would convince her to stay haha. She didn't want to let me down or disappoint me. I told her how dang proud I am of her. It was incredible the time she gave! She leaves today for the service mission. I think it will be so good for her. I am grateful that I was able to train her because she has left a huge impact on the person I am. I will miss her!!! 
Saying bye to my little baby. I will miss Sister Bills! She will be great in Salt Lake City. 
it wouldn't be complete without a selfie hahaha she's an awkward one :) 

WE OFFICIALLY GET IPADS ON MAY 26!!! WOOHOOO!!!! We are all pretty pumped because we were told for MONTHS that they were coming. And now they are :) Hopefully I am not a facebook missionary.......

So, as I said, yesterday was full of miracles! we had a down week with the Lane's and like nothing was happening. Yesterday, we prayed SO HARD to find SOMEONE who wants to listen to us. We told Heavenly Father that we would not come home til we found someone!!!!! We were visiting a less-active and as we walked away, there was a woman sitting by the park I said hi to her as we approached the complex, and she totally blew me off. I was not really wanting to talk to her because I thought she made it clear she didnt really want to listen. BUT we said we would do anything! We go up to her, and thank goodness we did! We start talking to her and long story short.....she knows tons of Mormons an loves them, she has gone to baptisms of her students, and has always wanted to learn more. ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!? I told her that Heavenly Father answered our prayers because we were praying so hard to find someone. she said, "I think you were sent to me for a reason." It was the coolest. We are teaching her tonight! Then, we are walking away about to scream of happiness and we check the phone and have a text from our newest ward missionary. She seriously started coming back to church like a month ago from like 30 years of not going. SHE IS ON FIRE and TALKING TO EVERYONE SHE KNOWS!!! she has brought so many to church. Well this text said she talked to someone in her complex who wants to learn more and has always wanted to be Mormon. WE couldnt believe it!!!! 

My heart is so full. We have so much faith that Heavenly father will lead us to those who are prepared. 
Thankful for her!! She is the cutest lil trainer around :)

On a side note: our zone training this month was on "being" and "doing." the talk is "What manner of men and women ought ye to be?"
It is a great talk if you focus on the principle behind it....you can apply it to not just parenting that he is talking about. I have made a "To-Be List" in the back of my planner. I am going to evaluate myself each night to help myself become who the Lord needs to be. I wanted to share my list because I think it could help a lot of people! Life is crazy, so it can be hard to really focus on the kinds of people we are in the day-to-day ways.

Sister Hickman's To-Be List
In what ways was I a good companion today?
Was I: 
In what ways did I look outside myself to serve?
Was I obedient?
Did I easily forgive?
How did my faith help me in today's challenges?
Did I speak kindly to others?
Was I positive and hopeful, even when things didnt go my way?
Engrave His image in our countenance and His attributes in our behavior.
The scripture for this transfer that is my "theme" is 3 Nephi 27:27 "therefore, what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you, EVEN AS I AM." 

I am excited to really focus on becoming as Christ is, as I evaluate myself every night to truly become the woman that He needs me to be. If we aren't improving, then what are we doing?
Stake Conference was this week. I LOVE having the Temple in my stake!!! The flowers are so pretty! Happy spring from nor cal :)

I am excited to talk to my family and friends on Mother's day!!!! Time is flying. I love this gospel, and I LOVE my mission.

sis hickman

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