Monday, May 18, 2015

Hi everyone!!!

Hello family and friends!!!

This week wasn't super exciting. Things are going well, but I am really working on having the faith to find those that are prepared. I have been lacking motivation lately to go out and really find Heavenly Father's children that are ready for the restored gospel. 

This week, I am going to add to my list of things that are different here in Northern California from Oklahoma...I think I started it a few months back...
1. soft curbs: They are the BEST! I think it is because of bikers being everywhere. If Oklahoma had soft curbs...I would not have gotten those 4 flat tires in high school!!!!!!! 
2. King's Hawaiian rolls: I am not sure if they sell these in Oklahoma, but EVERYONE eats them here!!! They are from the grocery store and come in like an orange bag. Seriously, these are at almost every dinner we eat at.
3. Sourdough bread: I guess it is famous from San Francisco, so it is BIG up here. Everyone make such a big deal about it! It is funny. You "have to have San Fran sourdough bread" is what I hear all the time.
4. chickens in backyards: this is becoming quite the trend. I think because a lot of the people in Northern California have a bit of a country draw to them, but they live in the city, so they all build chicken coops in their yards and raise chickens for eggs. Well, maybe they have them because they love everything "fresh." Like fruits, veggies, etc, so why not eggs!? it is funny!
5. "totes" : You know plastic bins you buy from like target/walmart for storage? Everyone calls them totes!!! I had never heard that before. I just say plastic container/bin. 

So there you have it for some of my northern california fun-facts. I love it here, I really do! Word on the street is that we actually are not getting iPads next week, but that we are just getting trained on how to use them. Everyone is mad haha. Because we have been getting this "we are getting ipads talk" for like a year. Also, another word on the street is that our mission doesn't have a lot of news for the mission split July 1st, so we have no clue when we are getting told what is happening to us. So much for finding out in January or February! We may get moved mid-transfer (next transfer). Hopefully I stay!!!! 

Everything is good! We are meeting with the Lanes tonight with President and Sister Jardine. That will be interesting. Keep praying for them. 
There was a missionary farewell yesterday in the ward, and Sister Wright and I were asked to bear our testimonies at the beginning. the first thing I said was, "I just love missionary farewells!!" Ugh missionary work is the best! It is the coolest thing to be apart of. 

Love you all so much! If you are living somewhere different for the summer, email me your new address :)

Lots of love,
sister hickman 
We were on the bike trail and stopped to talk to these kids...they are freshman in high school and were working on an English project for school....making romeo and juliet. We talked to them and they weren't interested, but before we left we said, "Is there anything we can help with?" Because we always ask that and people always say no, but they go, "wait, yes! We need someone to be her possie in the video". Idk what character she was. Sister Wright and I were dying laughing! The Mormon missionaries making a guest appearance in a school film. It was hilarious.

Exchanges with my fav, sis campbell! Bike selfies are just becoming a tradition with my mission best friends :) 

The Ficklins, an office couple, are ending their mission. They took the Folsom sisters out to lunch because Sister Campbell and I are their favorites :) we like to think that at least :) They forward the mail, and I think they are VERY glad to never see a letter addressed to "Genevieve June Hickman" again!!!!

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