Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day!!

Hi friends and family!!!

Happy Memorial Day!!! We have been volunteering at the all runs in folsom and at the last one, there was a booth for the memorial day run and I was SO EXCITED because I have been looking for a run on Monay (Pday) MY WHOLE MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted the whole zone to do it, but I guess that dont find running for fun exciting like I do :) haha. The Zone leaders did it, and then Sister Wright and I did it. I asked President to make sure it was okay, and he said, "Yes, that is a great idea! Now, dont worry about your time and try to talk to people and teach! Missionaries back in Utah did that at the runs and taught more lessons than the rest of the week!" Sister Wright HATES to run. Hates it. Haha I run in a circle every morning while she watches me. BUT, she wanted to do this. We ran 2 miles every morning this past week to "train" for it haha. That was a big deal for her! She did the race with our Ward Mission Leader's wife, and I did it with their daughter. We finished in under 30min, so I am not TOOO out of shape :) Sister Wright and the wife didnt walk! I was so proud of Sis Wright. She was so excited. It was fun to do something like that this morning for the holiday. 
Our running group before the Memorial Day 5K :)
Action shot thanks to Sister Campbell, who was volunteering at the race. I am barely in there towards the middle of the picture!

Post 5K selfie....I have taken more selfies on my mission than in my entire life.....

I am so proud of her!!! What a fun start to our Pday :) 
So, the Lane's cancelled the lesson last monday with the Jardines. Ian was sick, apparently. We just stopped in Friday night because we are tried of the cancelling! We FINALLY talked to them both. It is complicated but basically they said they would pray all weekend to see if they wanted to keep investigating or not. Us and a lot in the ward fasted for them yesterday. We'll see. They weren't hardcore "anti-ed" from online, but kinda....so sad. 

Folsom is great! I am doing a lot better because I really was kind of depressed those two weeks after the Lanes flaked on everything. I was trying to act like I was fine and everything was fine, but now that I am normal again, I can tell that it was hard on me. Sister Wright and I work hard, and I love being comps with her! Right when I got into interviews with President, the first thing he said was, "Sister Hickman, are you burning yourself out??" I said, no!!! Plus, I have to work hard now because I have a companion who does, and that is not always the case!!!! Haha he said that is true. It was great having interviews. We talked about the new mission, and I really dont think I am going. He alluded to that, but I guess we'll see. We talked about going home early for school, etc. Okay so here is the news...

My mission is set to end January 14. A lot of you know that I was really thinking and praying about coming home a transfer early (dec 4th) to be back in time for school at BYU. I have been thinking and praying a lot, and I do not feel peace about December. After talking to President, my family, and of course, Heavenly Father, I have figured out what is best. I am coming home on time on January 14 to Salt Lake City, and I will go to BYU (in Provo) the next day. I will be like 2 weeks late, but annalee and mychal said they will help me out with my classes and assignments for what i miss :) I will then fly home a weekend (TBD) in January or February to Tulsa to see my friends (CANT WAIT) and have my homecoming. My family will be at the SLC airport. I have SO MUCH peace about, and I am so happy it is done and over, so I can stop worrying about it!!! To my friends, I know you thought december this whole time, but hey, it has been so long, what is a few extra weeks, right?? :) That will make the reunion that much sweeter in the Tulsa airport!!! 
I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us, and we can seek His help through prayer. I am thankful for His guidance in my life, and I love being His servant. I just cannot cut that short. I only have one time to be a missionary. It is the most incredible thing. 
I love you all!!!! I hope you have a great week!!!! 

Sister Hickman
In El Dorado for the afternoon on team-ups...It was fun being with Sister Allen in her area! it is SO COUNTRY but BEAUTIFUL!
Went on exchanges back to East Sac for the day, so of course I set up lunch and running with my Sister Kandare! Nothing is better than seeing your best friend! She has finally jumped on the BYU Provo bandwagon....cant wait :) 

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