Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Post-Mother's Day....

Hi everyone!!! 

I feel like I am coming off a high from talking to friends and family yesterday!!! It was SO FUN!!!! Wow, I have missed my fam and I HAVE MISSED MY BEST FRIENDS!!!! cannot wait to see the rest in 8 months :) 

Not a ton of SUPER exciting things happened. We did have that lesson with Susan (from the park that we met) and it was GREAT!!! she is so awesome. Her daughter came in for the weekend, so we didnt see her at church, but we are excited to teach her this week.

On Friday night, Sister Wright and I get home, and I realize I left the keys inside, so we were locked out haha. Our member is usually always home, but she wasn't that night. We called and texted and could NOT get ahold of her. Sister Campbell and Sis Kauvaka come pick us up and we had a sleepover!!! It was so fun. I have always wanted to do that!!! Still went to bed at 10:30pm hahaha so still missionary approved :) We helped with a mother's day run the next morning early early, so we all went and got bagels for breakfast before. It felt a little like normal life! We enjoyed it.

On Thursday afternoon, we were out biking, and I was having a day where I was just feeling super super bold and happy and I was contacting like nobody's business...it was way fun. I car contacted this guy (went up to his car that he was in....lol awkward) and he was super nice, and he said we could come back and teach him this week!!! Sister Wright goes, "your strength is that you literally talk to everyone, even in their cars haha you just dont care!" Thanks, Sister Parkinson, you taught me well :) I think one of the strangest things after a mission will be not talking to every person that you see......no wonder RM's are freakishly friendly....

Folsom is great! We have a lot of great potential, so hopefully some baptisms in the coming months.....
The Lanes all have been sick (terrible time, ugh). We have seen them a little bit. They are reading the Book of Mormon. I really hope this doesn't drag out forever, but whatever the Lord has planned is how it is supposed to be!

Mission life is great!!! I cannot believe that it is May. The weather is beautiful here!!! I love being in the hills. 

Have a great week!! I love you all!!
sister hickman
Our sleepover :) maybe I should lock the keys in more often!!!! 

I forgot to mention that last Monday, for "man-up monday" (monday before transfer tuesday) we cleaned the temple as a zone and they took us to the roof!! It was so fun!!!!!! 

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