Monday, June 22, 2015

Humility and Faithfulness

Hi friends and family!

It was a great week! I sent off Sister Wright to Rancho (so sad, already miss that girl) and picked up Sister Briggs! She is from Logan, Utah. She graduated in 2013 and did a year at Utah State before she came out. She is majoring in Finance and Sociology, and it is so cool because she wants to go into the nonprofit sector just like me! haha everyone here thinks we are crazy. They always say, "so basically you want to make no money." We say, "We want to change the world, duh!" She is awesome. Like I said, she came out with me, so we hit our year mark together next week! She was in the other MTC District with the Sacramento missionaries. Who knows why me Campbell and Kandare were in the St. Louis district haha. We are the STLs up here and over the same areas we have been. but all my friends have been transferred away! This is the first time in my mission I wont be with any of them. I think it will be good because it will force me to be friends with all the elders. Our zone has already gotten so close because there are only 10 of us. Sister Briggs in incredible. She is everything that I am not, and she truly is an answer to many prayers. She is humble, faithful, and diligent. I am excited to learn from her. I am really trying to work on being more dependent on the Lord and not so dependent on myself. She is a humble, quiet disciple of Christ, and I will learn so much from her example. I cannot wait! Also, she is a cross country runner, so we run every morning and it is the best! She was full-time bike is East Sac too, so she loves bike. I am glad I have another biker here because that is all Sister Wright and I did! Everyone thinks we are crazy, but it is the best way to do missionary work! We have adjusted to the heat :)

We had so many miracles on Saturday! We visited a family the missionaries used to see and they now want the missionary lessons! It was incredible. We also found some other great potentials. I am so excited for this week because great things will happen! The Lord is preparing, and we are going to work hard and harvest when the time is right. Susan has been out of town, but she is still doing awesome :) 

Life is great! I am just praying a lot to strengthen my love for God and Jesus Christ and strive to do all things for them and no one else In President Uchtdorf's talk "On Being Genuine" (so good and something I am taking principles from to apply), he talks about how the things that count are: a personal testimony, a love of God, and a love for our fellowmen. I am really trying to focus on those things in my life. I want to become a more selfless servant. That is my personal vision for this transfer. The Gospel is true, and my testimony has really been strengthened that It is the only thing that will change us! We do not have to go day by day thinking this is the best we will ever be. It is the Atonement of Jesus Christ and His Gospel that change our desires, intentions, actions, etc. Nothing else! Why go through life never thinking about that or caring? This life is about changing to become more like Him. I get sad when we talk to people and they say, "I know Jesus, I am a good person, I am fine." There is SO much more out there for us. My whole life has been built on His Gospel principles and ordinances, and I will continue my life built on It because this truly is the only way. 

Have a great week! I love you all and Miss you! Happy Father's day to my dad. No one has taught me more humility, generosity, and quiet service than him. He never needs the attention or spotlight. He does what he is supposed to, and he is where he is supposed to be just because he loves God and Jesus Christ. and for that, I am thankful for my dad. 

Sister Hickman 

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