Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Hi everyone!! Transfer news is IN!! I am staying Folsom yay Yay! Which means staying in the Sacramento mission woohoooo! They could make minor changes July 1st when the Modesto mission opens officially, but if we are in this part of the mission now, we are like 95% staying :) I am sooooo happy to be staying with President and sister Jardine! Sister Wright is headed to Rancho Cordova, so she is staying in this mission! We are happy because we both thought she was going south to Modesto. We are basically trading companions so one of the sisters there is coming here and sis wright is going there with the other STL. My companion will be sister Briggs, who was sister wright's trainer! Sister Briggs came out with me and is super sweet. We will balance each other out. She's a sweet Molly Mormon and I'm a fire ball, so it will be just perfect! Sister Campbell is being transferred to Elk Grove (sac mission) and so is sister Kandare! I'm so sad they will be in the same zone (not comps) but that will be so fun for them! They deserve the turn to be together, since I have been with one of them almost my whole mission :) I am so HAPPY THE 3 OF US ARE STAYING IN THIS MISSION! We kept telling president that he cannot separate us!! We have to go home together! Luckily we aren't going to Modesto :) sister Allen has been called as an STL in Modesto! She is our one friend going to the new mission. We are super bummed but I think it will be so good for her to have that calling down there! Her comp is sister Wilson! She was my comp back in Carmichael, the cute little blonde. This will be her last transfer so that will be interesting for sister Allen! It is hard being with a missionary their last transfer. They'll be great though.
I'm excited to be staying in Folsom! Great things are happening. Remember Susan who we found at the very beginning of last transfer at that little park? Well we've taught her all transfer and she's come to church the last two Sunday's and has loved it! The Ward loves her! She's like a celeb..,.they all want to know her. She's progressing so well! She is on date for baptism July 25th. I definitely think she'll get baptized but that might get pushed back. She is just the best and so so sweet. 
We did service as a zone for this couple moving, they aren't members. They love the missionaries! They are in one of the wards we cover, so we got lucky there! Our whole zone was over and one of the days, the wife told us, "when I'm around you all, I feel God telling me to give you a chance. I want a new church and family here. I want to learn more and be baptized." It see awesome! They are so cool. Their sons go to Alabama and Ole Miss, so I love talking about college with them, we get each other :) there would definitely be a lot of lifestyle changes to make haha but we are hoping to start teaching them this week! They had all the missionaries over for dinner last night as a thank you and as a goodbye bc two elders in the zone are ending their missions. We did transfers all together as a big group...instead of calls. It was so fun! I'm excited to start teaching Leo and Judy! They are in Folsom 2nd Ward...the Ward with the Lanes and Kody. Susan is in Folsom 4th. So it is exciting to be teaching people in both wards! 
This transfer was hard within myself. I struggled a lot internally, but I learned A LOT and I'm excited for this next transfer. I'll miss sister wright, but I know we'll be besties in Utah after the mission :) I learned a lot about how I define success for myself and it truly is just faithfully serving the Lord. If I have done my very best everyday, I have done what He needs me to do. I am focusing a lot now on the "why" I am serving. I am really trying to apply the Atonement to purify my desires and intentions. God is so good! It is crazy that I hit my year mark in just a couple weeks. Where does time go?!? 
Have the best week! I am thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ and that He does want to help me, even when I feel He shouldn't have to. I'm thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who never gives up on me. Love y'all!!!

Sister Hickman
This week a member took us on an intense bike ride in El Dorado Hills
to the biggest hill ever! She said bikers come from all over to ride
"Beatty." We took pics at the top for proof :) best morning glory
ever! We did have to stop a couple times.....hahah hardest thing ever!
The view at the top!
I'm going to miss the Folsom sisters. This was our transfer call
dinner last night! We'll miss you sister wright and sister Campbell!
We are the smallest zone with 12 people and now we are going down to
10 people. Gonna miss this crazy group!

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