Monday, June 29, 2015

Little Vitor got baptized!!

Hi everyone!!!!
It was a great {hot} week!! Saturday I went back to East Sac because
VITOR got baptized!! Remember the little boy and his dad Jim? Jim was
the athiest and we were trying to teach with his son? Well, Jim got
deployed, so he could not be there at the baptism. Vitor is going back
to LA to live with his grandma who is a member. they drove all the way
back here for him to get baptized because he knew the ward so well. We
could not baptize him when I was there because our mission came out
with a rule of not baptizing kids under the age of 13 without the
parents because there is not that support. They told us if Vitor comes
to church for like a year he could eventually. But, since he is living
with his grandma now, he is good to go. Jim is supportive! I was so
sad I couldnt see him.  I was soooo excited all week to go back! When
I got there and saw everyone, I just cried. I felt like I was going
home to family! Most of my favorite people were there! and Annie and
Tim were there! Tim was the one who got baptized my last weekend in
East Sac. He got the priesthood last week. He rides his bike to church
every week because he does not want to depend on anyone to take him.
It is so cute! My heart was SO FULL! It was incredible. Little Vitor
was so excited! He got a new little suit for this big day. He was
adorable. I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. A couple months ago, my
mom mailed a bunch of stuff from my baptism because she said she felt
impressed that I would know a child getting baptized soon. I used the
object lesson that my Grandmother Moon gave at my baptism on the Holy
Ghost for Vitor's baptism. It was so special to do that. They sang the
song "When I am Baptized" from the Children's song book for the
opening song. I shared this story about the first time I felt the Holy
Ghost, that I remember at least. It was at my baptism, and my sisters
and I sang that song. I remember being overcome by the Spirit so
strongly, at the young age of 8, that I had tears! I remember because
I was so embarrassed to cry. And now I still cry when I am overcome
with the Spirit haha. I told Vitor to always remember how he feels on
this special day because that feeling has never left me. I loved loved
being there. It is crazy that I was there teaching him for 3
transfers! I hope I see him again, but it will be hard to keep up with
where he is because I think he will be moving around to live with
different people. I would give anything to get to go back and serve in
Mission Oak ward!!!! It was one of the most special days of my
mission. I love that place.
Sister Briggs and I hit our 1 year mark this week!! SO INSANE!!! I
cannot even believe it! We are all volunteering at the Folsom rodeo
this week, so that willl be fun! and hot haha. Everyone is laughing
that I am from Oklahoma and have never been to a rodeo! We are also
helping with a 4th of July run that a member here puts on in the
community. I think Sister Briggs and I are running the 10k! we are
pumped. I ran 5 miles on saturday for the first time in like 9 months
(since I gained my mission weight...) and it was awesome! We are
buckling down our last 6 months. It has been good!
I am so thankful for all the blessings Heavenly Father is putting our
way. I am doing well. I am just trying to change a little everyday, so
that I can continue to grow and develop.
I love you all!! Thank you for loving and supporting me this past
year. It has flown by!!!! The last 6 months is apparently the fastest
and I dont even know how because it all has been fast! Everyone says
that 9-12 months is the hardest and I agree. It is just weird. I felt
off. but now I am ready to rock and roll these last 6 months and give
it all I got because putting on the name tag and bearing my testimony
daily is the greatest thing in the whole world!!!!!

With all my love,
Sister Hickman
happy 22nd birthday to Elder Wright! birthdays are my favorites :)

I told them we were celebrating Oklahoma Style. They were scared and
didn't know what that meant. A BJ's Pizooki.....duh!!!

Sister Briggs and me after church on Sunday!

Before Vitor's baptism! It felt so wonderful being back in East Sac :)  
Isn't he the cutest?!

Vitor and missionaries!

Annie and Tim! Love these two!!! Daniel was sick so he couldn't come :(

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