Monday, June 1, 2015

iPads are coming!

Hi everyone!!!

This past week, we had our all mission conference where Elder Evans, of the Seventy, came to train us. It was Sister Allen's birthday, so we all got to celebrate together! I may or may not have planned an underground picnic for her with all our friends before the conference :) We did not get the iPads, but leadership is getting them tomorrow at our meeting and the rest of the mission gets them in the next couple weeks!! We are all very excited :) They will train us tomorrow and then we will train the rest of the missionaries in our zones. The all mission conference was mainly for Elder Evans to explain the principle behind missionaries getting technology. To be honest, I did not want iPads because I did not want that distraction or temptation. BUT, that is the whole reason they are doing it. Well, not the whole reason, but a big one. Elder Evans talked a lot about how our generation is addicted to technology and mostly use it for unrighteous purposes. Then, we come out on our missions where we cut it cold turkey, and when we get home, we dive back into old habits. They want our generation to learn how to use technology for its purpose, to move the work of the Lord forward, and how to use it with control and discipline. I think this is one of the smartest things the Church has done! As they create good habits in us, we will be able to better teach our children. That is a big reason behind missionaries and iPads. I am excited to use it, while learning discipline, accountability, etc. When we get them, we will first start using them for teaching. Then, we will start using them in our planning, updating area books, etc. The last phase is Facebook, which I really don't want to do haha. When I learn more, I will let you know the rules/guidelines. They told us to start telling our parents to not talk to us on our Facebooks!!! I do not think we will be on Facebook for a month or so. Exciting times! We feel like we are coming into the real world :) I am most excited to not tract with me 50 lbs bag and just carry an iPad. That will be so nice. It is getting soooo hot here. And we are still biking. and the hills are killer. We are so gross by the end of the day. 

That is the big exciting news! We have zone conferences this week. This transfer has had so many fun things! Which is good because this has probably been my slowest transfer, in terms of the work. I have been lucky to have been busy for most of my mission! But now, it is starting to feel a lot like El Dorado. but since I was there at the beginning of my mission, I didn't know anything different...but now I do :) We are just trying to find those miracle here in Folsom! We did see the Lanes this week....they are done investigating. so so sad. They really were so golden and so close to getting baptized. It was all set. People even showed up that day and time thinking it was happening. We are still praying that one day it will be their time. 

The Gospel is true. God is good. Jesus Christ lives. I am so lucky that I get to bear my testimony a billion times a day. Nothing better than serving a mission!

Have a great week!
sister hickman 

The birthday picnic I planned for Sister Allen! It was a tender mercy we had all mission conference that day, so that we could all be together! 

happy 22nd birthday to my dearest sister allen :)

my girls! 1 more month and we find out if we are separated by the Modesto Mission :( couldnt make it without campbell and kandare! Tomorrow we hit 11 months :)

my girls! 1 more month and we find out if we are separated by the Modesto Mission :( couldnt make it without campbell and kandare! Tomorrow we hit 11 months :)

Sister Wright and I at the all-mission conference! 
Today for Pday, we painted "mormon.org" on this rock by the street in El Dorado Hills. The things that entertain missionaries....

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