Friday, August 7, 2015

Another week in the land of the content and wealthy aka FOLSOM

Hi friends and family! 

Okay, I don't know why I felt the need to do a creative subject line hahaha I really do love Folsom, but that pretty much describes this place. So, honestly not a lot to report on. A lot have been asking me about my companions, etc, so there is something I wanted to do. I am going to email a picture with a little blurb about my comps and what I learned from them and if they remind me of someone from home so you have an idea!
things are going well!!! I am SO BUMMED to say that the family we found like totally fell off the face of the earth! they wont contact us back. We think they maybe got anti-ed, but I feel like they are nice enough to just tell us that...? Idk but we are praying and fasting hard for them. Satan is working hard in the mission field, let me tell you. I hate it! I am trying to stay positive and hopeful. And is makes us pray EXTRA hard for Susan that she will be protected. 
Life is good! I really am so happy!!! If we don't pick up a new family here to really start progressing I might start to get bored in this area, but I dont want to!!!! I have to remember that I wanted to stay here, so I want to work hard and show Heavenly Father how grateful I am :)

I hit 13 months yesterday, so that is pretty scary. I don't like it!!! 
Keep rubbing it in, everyone, that you get to hold my niece and I dont :) JKJK hold her for me. Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Hickman 
Celebrating our ward mission leader's wife in 4th ward, who is also
the incredible relief society pres! happy cinco de 5-OH :) what a fun
fiesta! I wore the most mexican skirt I have :)

Celebrating our ward mission leader's wife in 4th ward, who is also
the incredible relief society pres! happy cinco de 5-OH :) what a fun
fiesta! I wore the most mexican skirt I have :)

Celebrating our ward mission leader's wife in 4th ward, who is also
the incredible relief society pres! happy cinco de 5-OH :) what a fun
fiesta! I wore the most mexican skirt I have :)
I AM SISTER KANDARE'S STL YAYY!!!!!!! Which means I can see her/talk to her whenever I want :) She just got put up in the El Dorado Stake. She is shotgunning in an area that hasn't had sisters for 15 years, so those wards are so excited!!!! I have been waiting for this day when we get to go on exchanges :) maybe one day we will be companions.....

My first companion (my trainer) was Sister Parkinson. We served in El Dorado together for two transfers (July-October 2014). She is a special ed major at BYU and is from Boise...although she was raised in Minnesota. She is diligent, obedient, and a quiet leader. She taught me by example, and I think it was the best way for me to be trained. She never told me what to do EVER. Sister Parkinson is always where she is supposed to be and doing what she is supposed to do. What I learned most from her: there are uncomfortable parts of being a missionary, but you do them anyways because you love the Lord. Also, let the mission change who you are. dont stress about numbers, baptisms, etc. keep working hard and be diligent even if you aren't getting the outcome that is desired. She will be one of my dearest friends for eternity!!!!!! We worked so well together because our personalities complimented each other. We really were the "dream team." I cannot think who she remind me of at home....Cici maybe?? They have similar personalities and work ethics. 

My second companion was Sister Bishop. She joined Sister Parkinson and me in a trio a week into my mission. So, that whole first transfer of my mission (July-August 2014), she was with us because her companion went home. She is from Centerville, Utah. Last I heard she was planning on going to the University of Utah...? Where you at Sis Bishop!?! When she first came with us, I was SO mad. I did not want to be in a trip while in training. I felt like I would be the 3rd wheel because they had both been out so long. Well, turns out, we loved each other! Sister Bishop is exactly what I needed. She is fun, loving, and always happy. She is laid back, but she was so passionate about her mission. She loved it! What I learned most from her: I remember being so discouraged and sad because no one would talk to us or wanted to learn and Sister Bishop taught me to be happy and not let it bother you. I was sad all the time, but she always lifted me up. She taught me not to take myself too seriously. I will always be grateful for those lessons! She reminds me of Gracie from home...just laid back and always helping me to not freak out and be too uptight. 

My third companion was Sister Wilson. We served in Carmichael together for 1 transfer (October-November 2014). She is from Pleasant Grove, UT and isn't sure about post-mission life. She is a little school at Snow College before. She goes home like next week or something! crazy. She got moved to the Modesto mission. Sister Wilson was great for me in that time of my mission. I was still this fiery new missionary, and she chilled me out a lot. Sister Wilson is laid back and easy going, but she has a strong testimony of the Gospel. She loves Heavenly Father and has great faith that this mission isn't about her wants and expectations but just to do what He wants.We had a lot of fun together. Especially, teaching Albert, Mohammed, and Wesley. Sister Wilson is hilarious...she hates to work out and doesn't eat well at all but she is so TINY! This is when my bad habits kicked in, as well as the weight:) What I learned most from Sister Wilson: have faith that the Lord will provide investigators in His time. Have fun in the work and enjoy yourself. I cannot think of someone back home that she reminds me of! 

My fourth companion was Sister Garrido. We served in East Sac together for 3 weeks (because she went home for health) from later November to early December. She is from Hawaii, and is majoring in PR at BYU...last I heard...so we are similar in our fields! Oh, Sister Garrido...I love this girl. She is my companion who is probably most simliar to me in likes/interests. She is a total diva and I love it! She is a total go-getter, a boss teacher, and an incredible testifier. She is one of the best missionaries I have ever seen. She is probably who I learned this most from in terms of missionary skills. We had a blast together and worked super well together. What I learned most from her: how to be a preach my gospel missionary. She helped me be even bolder, always commit and follow-up, testify, promise blessings LIKE EVERYTHING I KNOW NOW! I owe so much to her! she kicked me into gear before training. I could not have done everything by myself in training if I had not been companion with Sister Garrido. We had the best life talks. She really inspired me to find deep within my relationship with God and magnify it. Sister Garrido will always be a special person in my life!!! She is so much like Elizabeth...I loved it because I always felt like I was with her! and Sister Garrido's mannerisms are JUST like Lindsey. It is hilarious. 

My fifth companion was Sister Campbell. We served in East Sac together for 3 weeks--rest of December (for the rest of the transfer after Sister Garrido went home). I was put in a trio with her and Sister Wheelwright. I forget this happened and don't remember to consider them companions and it makes Sister Campbell so mad :) So, Sister Campbell was in my MTC district. When we were in the MTC, she always said, "Yeah, i dont know why I am here. Gd told me to, so I couldn't say no." And she had just gotten this boyfriend that she wanted to marry, so she was so in love and obsessed with him! I was worried about her when we got to the field. Well let me tell you, SHE IS A BOSS MISSIONARY! Sister campbell is organized, works hard, very diligent, does whatever it takes to get the job done. we always joke about her turn around hehe :) She is still obsessed with boys (lol lock your heart), so she loves the elders. It was such a tender mercy being with her over Christmas on the mission! I loved it!!!!!! Since being comps, I have been her STL and have gone on exchanges with her. I just love this girl! What I have learned most from her: work hard/play hard. She is great at having fun and laughing but also being a very hardworking missionary. Also, she is a huge stickler with modesty...thanks for keeping me in line :) Sister Campbell is very loyal to the Lord, and I admire it a lot. She is just a blast to be around!!! We're stuck with each other forever :) Her mannerisms are JUST LIKE cici...it is SCARY!!! But they have different personalities. Sister Campbell is from Herraman, UT and goes to Southern Utah University. Although, we are trying to get her to transfer to provo :) She is not sure what she wants to study. Maybe accounting she is thinking.

My sixth companion is Sister Wheelwright. We served together in a trip with Sister Campbell for 3 weeks in East Sac. She is from Blackfoot, Idaho and goes to Weber State in Ogden. I knew her because she was being trained in El Dorado when I was. She came out a transfer before me. The trio was funny. They did not get along, but I got along with both of them, so it was nice for me because I was never the 3rd wheel :) I think it was hard for her being with me and Sister Campbell but it was only 3 weeks. Sister Wheelwright is funny. She seems quiet and small town, but she can get feisty let me tell you!! she is competitive!! haha it is funny. She is also very stubborn :) We are mission friends for sure, and I love when I see her around. What I learned most from her: She was a very diligent planner. I honestly  hate planning at night for the next day, but she was awesome at making sure we had enough plans incase things fell through. She was just very diligent in all she did. She had great insights on her studies, she really focused on her investigators. I love that about her! maybe we will serve around each other again :)  

My seventh companion was Sister Bills. I was her trainer, and we served together for two transfers in East Sac (January-March 2015). She is from South Ogden, Utah (she always said south, idk what that means...) and goes to Weber State. She is an elementary ed major. Sister Bills is exactly the person that I needed to train. I am eternally grateful for this experience, while it was not always easy. Sister Bills loves our Heavenly Father so much. It is so evident. She loves to serve others. She loves the gospel and wants to share that with others. Being a missionary scared her to death, but she did awesome. What I learned most from her: I could literally write a novel on what she taught me. I learned patience and charity most of all from her. She taught me a lot to not be concerned with all the little details. Her mind just worked "big picture" and she just focused so much on the people. Sometimes I get caught up in the administrative part of being a missionary. God's light shines so bright through Sister Bills and she truly changes people that come into contact with her. She is going to continue to touch so many people throughout her life because she lives a life of simplicity, and I wish I had more of that. 

My eighth companion was Sister Wright. We served together for two transfers (end of march to mid-june) in Folsom. She is from West Jordan, Utah and goes to the University of Utah. She is a piano performance major. I adore Sister Wright! She is energetic, positive, quirky, and just a ray of sunshine! People feel that when they meet her. We both loved bike, so we were always out talking to people. We worked so well together! We have very similar missionary styles, so we loved being together. By the end, we taught super well together too! the teaching was definitely rough at the beginning :) I probably worked the very hardest (physically) with her. Every night, we just crashed. We worked hard and played hard. We had a ton of fun together. What I learned most from her: to stay positive! she is always so happy an excited even about the tedious things in missionary work. She has such a fire for missionary work and the gospel. It is incredible! She taught me a lot about hope and to keep working, even when it gets difficult. When I need to remember how to love every single aspect of the work, I think about Sister Wright. She has a great work ethic and she helped me a ton. I struggled a lot internally while being her companion. She was always there for me to "life talk it out." She reminds me a bit of Katie from home. They are both very task oriented and efficient! but also so fun to be around! Sister Wright and I are super close. We'll definitely be friends in life after the mission! Sister Wright reminds me of Caroline Slater!! It just hit me and i am dying laughing because they are SO MUCH ALIKE!!!!!! hahahaha

My ninth companion is Sister Briggs (my current comp). We have been companions since mid-june. This is our second transfer together in Folsom. She is from Logan, Utah and goes to Utah State. She is majoring in Sociology and Finance. She wants to do non-profit stuff similar to me. Sister Briggs is incredible! She is so very loyal to the Lord. She has such a strong desire to do His will. She cares more about the "why" than the "what," which makes her very intentional when going throughout her day of being a missionary. She cares more what God thinks than man, and I think that is one of the biggest things I have learned from her. I have learned a lot from her about being a quiet, humble disciple of Jesus Christ. She is very spiritual and wants to help others because they are children of God and that is just what you do for your bothers and sisters! She reminds me a lot of Sister Parkinson. She is very sweet, and she has a lot of faith. She is a hard worker and really wants to help all who come in her path. I am glad I have even more time with her to learn from her! She trained Sister Wright. The two of them remind me a TON of me and Sister Parkinson. I love it! Me and Sister Wright were these fiery greenies with our sweet trainers to keep us in line haha. I came out with Sister Briggs, but she was in the other MTC District.  
My honorary companion is Sister Kandare. We were in the same MTC District and served together in East Sac from January-March 2015. I could not have made it through training, or really my mission, without her! She is my best friend, and life is just better with her in it :) She is from Wilmington, North Carolina. She went to BYU Idaho, but she is hoping to transfer to BYU Provo. she wants to be a dental hygienist. Sister Kandare is one of the most Christlike young adults I have ever met. I always meet adults who just radiate with the love of Christ because they are so wise and mature. That is how I feel around her She is always thinking of others. She was so great with Sister Bills when I would be having meltdowns. She loves the Lord and the gospel. She keeps working hard on her mission, even when she has not felt the reward. She endures because she knows this is what she should be doing. She is a wonderful listener and friend.What I have learned most from her: how to put others first. she always goes out of her way to love and serve others in the most thoughtful ways. she doesn't let people or things bother her, she just a calming peace about her. She has a desire to always do what is right. Love love love my kandare!!! She reminds me of Alexis because has a laid back but very thoughtful and loving personality. 

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