Monday, August 24, 2015

peace, love & crutches (week of 8.17.15)

What a week it has been!!! So, last Pday was really hard. I was super homesick and missed all my family and friends. It is always hard when my friends get back together to go to school and with my niece being born, it was hard for me to stay focused on things here. I kind of had a meltdown before we started proselyting Monday night after Pday. Sister Briggs goes, "Sister Hickman, it is okay to cry. Just let it out!" I was praying and felt an impression to ask for a priesthood blessing. I realized I had not had one since I trained Sister Bills. Last thing Monday night, my ward mission leader gave me a blessing. It is wonderful to feel of God's love, but it is indescribable to be able to hear the exact words He wants me to hear as His child. The blessing talked a lot about losing myself in the service of others, and I was blessed with the ability to focus, as I rely on the Lord. I am grateful for the authority of God on the earth. I am also grateful that when I am far from my dad, there are priesthood leaders to step in and fill that role for me. The next day I was feeling a lot better and ready to work hard! We had exchanges, so I was up in El Dorado. I want to tell of a cool experience.
Tuesday, Sister Briggs and I were driving up the hill to El Dorado to exchange with a companionship. Beautiful drive by the way, it is the direction heading towards Lake Tahoe. Susan was texting us about how scared she is. She wants to be baptized, but how Satan works for her, is through self doubt and not feeling worthy enough. I have never felt Satan's influence so strong than at this point in my mission in Folsom. From the Lane's to that other family a few weeks ago to everything else, he is just so annoying!!!!! ugh. Anyways, I just kept telling myself that this is the Lord's work and He is more powerful and we have to just keep fighting!!! I was super worried to go on the exchange for 24 hours because I was so worried about Susan!! Sister Briggs and I decided to fast for her those 24 hours. When I was on the exchange, it was the end of the night, and the sister I was with was getting really stressed about what to do. Poor thing. They always think that the STLs are judging them the whole time, but we don't! We are there to love and inspire. I told her to pull over and we could say a prayer to know where Heavenly Father wanted us the last hour of the day. I said a prayer and after we sat there in silence for a few minutes. I asked this sister what the first name was that came to her mind. She said it was this 17 year old girl they are trying to teach. The girl's mom joined the church a couple years ago and had just married a member. We went over. The girl had just started school and did not want to come out of her room. We taught the Restoration lesson to the parents, and I really enjoyed hearing the testimony of the wife, who was the recent-convert. When we left, I was kind of thinking the reason we were led to them that specific night. The next morning during studies, I had an impression that Susan was supposed to meet this woman. I texted the member and asked if she would be willing to come to Folsom to a lesson with Susan. She said yes and was very excited! We went over the next night, and this member told her story of joining the Church as an adult and how much joy she feels. It brought so much comfort to Susan. It was such a tender mercy that I was led to this member, on exchanges, in another stake because Heavenly Father knew that Susan needed to hear her testimony. I testify that God loves His children. He does answer all of our prayers. If we listen and follow the Spirit, He will allow us to be an instrument in being an answer to someone else's prayers. Susan is getting baptized August 29th. We are all so excited. This ward hasn't had a baptism of an adult in almost 3 years (they have been youth of part-member families, etc), so it is really pumping them up to know there are people living around them, that they associate with, that are prepared for the Gospel. 
Thursday we had zone conference, and that was pretty fun! The group going home one transfer before us gave their departing testimonies. SO WEIRD! Sister Kandare is going home a transfer early, so it was a huge blessing that she was in my zone conference group, and that I could hear her testimony. I just love that girl. Crazy to think the next zone conference I will be giving my departing testimony. Luckily, it won't be til the Temple Christmas conference in December, so I have a while :) 
So, here is the crazy part of the week for ya. I have been getting a bunion over the last year of my mission from my mission shoes. I didn't even know it was called a bunion until this week. For those of you who don't know, it is when the bone on the side of your big toe starts growing out. They are very sensitive when anything hits it. This whole last year, I figured that part of my foot was sensitive because my shoes were a bit too small, but I could still run, walk, etc. Well Friday, I got out of bed to turn the alarm off for us to go run, and I could not walk! I had pain all throughout my right foot (the foot with the bunion).  As the day went on, my foot got stronger and more tolerable of the pain. I was limping a little, but I could walk. Saturday, Sister Kandare and her companion came to our area for team-ups. They wanted to work on contacting and be in civilization because there area is alllll country. Sister Kandare and I worked one ward on our bikes and Sister briggs and the comp went to the other ward on bike. Biking din't hurt my foot, so I was happy about that. By the way, it was a blast to be a missionary with my best friend! I am excited for our exchange tomorrow :) I will be going up to Sister Kandare's area with her. Anyways, back to the day. We were biking around talking to people and everytime I got off my bike, I was careful swinging my leg off, so that my bunion wouldn't hit my bike frame because my foot was super extra sensitive already. We stopped to contact this guy and I banged my foot so hard on my bike. I just start bawling as Sister Kandare is contacting this little Asian man. Poor thing haha she was trying to understand him, but then she has me behind her sobbing!!! I have never felt so much pain in my life!!!!!!!!! we were close to the house, so I told her we needed to bike home to get ice. I am peddling with one foot just crying. We are almost to the house when I realize that sister briggs has the house keys UGH! We bike to a member who lives close. THey gave me ice, crutches, wrapped me up, etc. So, I have been on crutches since Saturday. no one tells you how much crutches hurt!!!!!! my arm pits are like more sore than my foot!!!!! Saturday night, my foot hurt so bad I could not sleep. I was in the bathroom sobbing most of the night trying to not wake up Sister Briggs. Yesterday, I told a lot of advil, so I was able to make it through 6 hours of church without too much pain. We have still been out working! Sister Briggs keeps making videos of me proselyting with my crutches haha. Last night, I was getting ready for bed and my foot was just throbbing. Everyone told me I had taken way too much advil and could not take anymore! I didn't know how I would make it through the night. I told Sister Briggs that she needed to call President. The Jardines came over late last night. He asked if I had gotten a blessing. I said I had just gotten one a few days earlier,and I didn't want to be needy!!!!! He gave me a blessing. So there you have it, two blessings in the last week since you have heard from me. They are getting me into the doctor today. Hopefully I can get a shot and numb this sucker. I didn't sleep like at all last night, it hurt so so bad. President told me I have to stay off of it. He didn't know I had been working this whole time. We can't just stop being missionaries!!!! I am taking it easy today on Pday and we'll see what happens. It is depressing to not be able to run, to have to hobble around BUT I am grateful for my incredible companion, my loving mission president and his wife, a Heavenly Father who knows me, and another leg that is fine so I dont have to be in a wheel chair :) I am staying positive!
and the best news of the week is that SISTER PARKINSON AND HER FAMILY ARE VISITING THE MISSION THIS WEEKEND!! We are all going to lunch today :) Of course the ONe PDAY I AM CRIPPLED!!! hahah it is so embarrassing. I will send pics later today with them :) I am sooooo excited to see her. and I have been so excited to meet her family! 
I am sorry that this is so long. Sister Briggs said this week, "Sister Hickman, I just love you. NOTHING is ever boring with you." As she proceeds to laugh at the emotional roller coaster week haha. I am doing better internally and just praying I will heal. President blessed me with the ability to finish my mission, so don't worry......all is well :) you wont be seeing me any earlier than you are supposed to! 
I love you all!!! have a great week!

Sister Hickman 

P.S. Attention attention! I just got back from the doctor....no bunion for me. It is gout! Whatever that is. I guess old people get it. I am going to be on prednisone for the next week and then I should be good to go! 
proselyting is fun on crutches :)

Grocery shopping today at wal mart hahahahahaah guys seriously my body
hurts from these crutches!!! Sister Briggs was so embarrassed.

The Folsom Zone at Zone Conference 

Sister Sobotka is in the zone with me. I told her she is the only sister that dresses as well as me :) hehe. she's adorable!  
The Folsom Zone Sisters. Love these 3! 

team ups in folsom with my sweet kandare! 

reunited with my best friend and trainer!! THE sister parkinson :) The dream team is back! Love this girl! 

lunch with the parkinsons! just missing the twins on their missions...I will meet them eventually :) 

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