Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hello Everyone!

Hi hi!!

I hope everyone is doing well!!! I honestly am not in the mood to write haha. When you do this every week, you kind of get sick of it....not gonna lie. I am doing well. I just don't have the energy to write and spill out all my feelings. So, now you can see how I have been. Just kind of going through everything, not much passion. I'll
get it back. This is how life is! It isn't a big passionate fiery experience everyday, even when you want it to be. That is the lesson I am learning. I am just trying to be consistent and keep moving forward. Don't worry I am not depressed, just out of enthusiasm.....I think I need to go take a nap hahah. Maybe I will wake up better and
decide to write more. But whatever, I will just send this now. I feel like I am glazed over writing this so take everything I am saying with a grain of salt. Susan might actually get baptized the 22nd because her daughter cannot come the 29th, and she really wants her to be there. I am excited for that!!

THE FIJIAN BRANCH OPENED THIS WEEK IN SACRAMENTO!!!! Elders are opening it but I told president I want to serve in it so badly!!!!!! I really really hope it is my last area. That would be my dream come true. I love my Fijians. So, pray for that :)

Have a great week!!!

Sister Hickman
taking a nap by the pool over lunch at the other sisters' mansion that
they live in. El Dorado Hills at its finest :)

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