Monday, October 12, 2015

trying that hope&consistency

Hi friends & family!
Nothing too exciting here this week except that we worked so hard to find a family. and it didn't happen...yet. Every single prayer we said this week, we prayed to find a family with kids, with at least one of the kids old enough to get baptized. We worked hard! we are still going for it and not giving up. But, it was cool because we randomly knocked on this door and this cute mom let us in (that NEVER happens), and I was freaking out because I was like "this is our family we have been praying for!" turns out, they are members. Haven't come in a long time, so we are going to help them come back! they moved here 2 months ago. no one even knew. So, I guess Heavenly Father did technically lead us to a family :)
I went on exchanges with sister wright this week. We were able to bike in the nicer part of my area. I thought the work would feel like Folsom because it is an affluent part but in Folsom, they are younger families and in this part of my area they are old and retired. So basically, they don't hang outside...We did find a new investigator, and we were so excited but we come to find out he gave us a bad phone number and didn't show for his appointment. life of a missionary! The other people we are working with really made great progress this week but did not come to church.
Last night, we went to the mission prep class, with a set of elders, and we did a Q&A session with the youth. It was super fun. One of the questions "what is the toughest part of being a missionary?" Exactly what I am describing! being so invested in others to help them com unto Christ and always being let down. Throughout my mission, it has given me insight to how Heavenly Father must feel with me when I fall short. I just want to say to the people we teach, "just do the things we ask! we promise it WILL help you and make you happier. But you have to DO something!" God is definitely more patient and loving, but He probably just wants me to follow the things that He asks. I think my deeper love for my Heavenly Father has developed as a result of working with investigators and seeing the parallels in my life. The Q&A was super fun. They asked great questions. I could tell youth all day to serve missions because it is the best thing they could do! 
Things are going well with Sister Lillie! She is really blossoming as a missionary, so I am stepping back more and letting her take more of the lead. She will have a great mission. 
This week my verse is Alma 26:27
Not gonna lie, I am getting tired of hearing the word "ponderize," but I am still doing it without calling it that. I feel like it is some fad now, and I don't like that! It is a great concept, though. 
It is still hot here. Don't know what the deal is! I keep waiting for it to cool off. Hopefully by the end of the month! 
Have a great week! 
Sister Hickman 
exchanges with sister wright! so fun being back with her :) takin us
back to those HOT folsom summer days on our bikes. no one loves biking
more than us :)

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