Wednesday, October 21, 2015

where did the last 6 weeks go?!

I am so sorry, I forgot to say it was transfer week and that Pday was
Tuesday! I forget about transfer week when I am training because we
stay together for two transfers :) Sister Lillie and I are still in
the Rossmoor ward. Sister Wright and Sister Campbell are staying
together for a THIRD transfer here....CRAZY! we thought sis wright was
leaving, but I am so happy to have her another transfer in my zone :)
and it is fun because Sister Campbell and me will probably end our
missions together in this zone!
The new missionary meeting was this last week, and it was GREAT!
Remember me going to the new missionary meeting with Sister Bills? I
was just a wreck and had to get a blessing and all that jazz. well,
this was awesome because all the trainers were freaking out about all
their problems, and I was just so relaxed because I dont even feel
like I am training. Sister Lillie is so easy! I was able to speak up
and help them from things I learned last time training. Most of them
are training for the first time. It is so weird now because I am so
old in the mission and the only one in there that has trained before
and all that so I feel like I have to be the mom or something! I felt
so pumped after the new missionary meeting and the training they gave
When we went out to work after, I kept having this prompting to go see
this potential investigator, who had already told us she wasn't
interested. We drove passed the street, but I turned around because I
just couldnt pass it and now try. We talked to her and once again, she
wasnt interested, but I had this impression that she knows someone who
is. I asked her if she knew anyone that could benefit from our message
about Jesus Christ. She said the people in the apartment across are
nice. We stopped by after talking to her and a young guy answered...he
looked about our age. We talked to him and he was open. We gave him a
Book of Mormon and set up an appointment. We taught him Friday night
and HE IS SO SOLID! NO JOKE! it was a perfect lesson (because the Lord
prepared him), and he is totally getting baptized. We are passing him
off to the zone leaders this week for YSA. Im not even upset about not
getting to teach him further because I just needed that testimony
builder that people are prepared out there by the Lord and we CAN be
led to them by the Spirit. and....he said his mom might be interested,
so we are hoping to teach her :) It was a neat experience. and it was
sister Lillie's first lesson with a legit prepared person, so I am
glad she can see how EASY it is to teach when they are prepared. We
cannot even mess it up! When investigators have all these concerns and
problems, they honestly dont usually end up getting baptized. teaching
this guy reminded me a lot of Alec...who Sister Bills and I taught and
got baptized like 3 weeks later.
We worked hard this week. We are still praying for miracles. We really
dont have a lot going on. Im working on the Christlike attribute of
patience, and let me tell you, I am experiencing that now! I know it
will all work out as we stay consistent.
Sister Wright and I went back to Folsom for a baptism on Saturday. It
was a part-member family. The parents are returning less-actives (they
come from very active families in Utah) and the two older girls were
baptized and the 8 year old boy. The ward has been incredible with
them! They have been helping them for like 3 years to get ready for
this baptism, so that the dad could do it. AS missionaries, we were
not super involved throughout the process, but we went back to support
the ward and the cute family because we saw them along the journey.
all the grandparents flew in and it was so sweet. They should be
getting sealed as a family in the next several months :) Oh happy day
for the Folsom 4th ward! It was fun seeing everyone!
The weather is cooling off, and it is so nice! I want it to get cold.
Sister Lillie's arm is getting much better. We should be back on bike
in like 2 weeks. YAY! Nothing else is new really. This transfer FLEW
BY! I cannot even believe it. This is Sister Kandare's LAST TRANSFER
WHAT!?!?!?!?! I am freaking out. not that i see her since she is up in
the forest surrounded by NOTHING! Sister Briggs is training for these
last two transfers, which is what she was hoping for, so I am so happy
for her!!!
I love you all! have a great week!!!!
Sister Hickman
P.S. Congrats to my little Bubs for getting into film school at
USC...you are a stud!!! I brag about you all the time. so just a
couple more years and then a mission, right? :)
missionary work in action....aka tracting

a sister missionary found this on pinterest before she came out of how
to turn purses into backpacks! the best thing ever!

Susan came on Friday and took Sister Lillie & me to lunch. It was so
fun seeing her!!!! I have missed her. I cannot wait for you all to
meet! The first thing she said was "how is baby genny!!?" I always
showed her pictures of my niece :)

back in Folsom with the best ward mission leader and his Folsom 4th
Sisters! the two next to him served in the ward like 2 years ago. they
flew in for the baptism!

the adorable Timm kids before the baptism. The oldest 3 got baptized :)

oh happy happy day! the timms are temple bound! 
my lil baby finishing her first transfer! Time FLIES!

I made Sister Lillie wear our matching $7 skirts to the new missionary
meeting :) she was so embarrassed haha. She said "people are going to
think we match all the time!"

Cordova Zone!

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