Monday, October 26, 2015


Hey everyone!!
It was a great week :) Tuesday night after Pday, when we went out to
work, we were trying names on our list of part-member families. We
have been working through the list all transfer. There was a name
listed on there of a mom and her son. We had tried before and there
was no answer, but we decided to try again. A woman answered and we
asked for the name on our list. The woman said that person no longer
lived there. We started talking to her about what we teach as
missionaries and the teenage girl appeared out of nowhere and says,
"Yes yes yes we are interested!" We asked if we could come in and talk
about God's plan for us as His children. They let us in (seriously,
that never happens off the cuff), and we started teaching them. The
Spirit was so strong. It is a single mom with 3 girls. A senior
daughter, a sophomore daughter (we didn't meet, she was sleeping), and
a little girl that turns 8 in a couple weeks. The senior daughter
said, "I have been looking for God and a church. Every time I go to
church around here, it doesn't seem real or deep. I have been wanting
something different." We talked about the Plan of Salvation (where we
were before this, why we are here on earth, and where we are going).
It was awesome because I haven't felt so passionate sharing the gospel
like that in a while because everything they were saying they needed I
knew with my whole heart THIS GOSPEL ANSWERS! They were not able to
come to church yesterday, but we are hoping they keep moving forward.
We are teaching them again on Tuesday night. It was a neat experience.
God led us to a family :)
There is a family we have been working with ever since maybe the 2nd
week we got to the area. I do not know if I have talked about them. A
lot of people live in the house, and it is kind of confusing.
Basically, we are working with two sisters, who are less-active (ages
18 and 21), and the 21 year old sister's finance, who lives there. We
are teaching him, he is not a member. They have a 2 year old little
girl. We kept teaching them and they never were coming to church or
reading the Book of Mormon, and it was getting frustrating because
they kept wanting help but they wouldnt do what would help them! They
have a very hard lifestyle. A couple weeks ago, they started reading,
praying AND THEY CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY! It truly was a miracle.
They have SUCH a new light about them. It is indescribable. Wow. The
gospel is truly changing them, and you can see it in their
countenance. They LOVED church. Delbert wants to get baptized, but
they live together and dont feel ready to get married yet. Hah, so who
knows what will happen there. But they are interactive in the lessons
and church classes and are really feeling the Spirit. It has been cool
to see.
I just had this moment yesterday before church, where I was sitting ay
my desk, almost in tears because of the incredible experience of a
mission that my Heavenly Father is letting me be apart of. I am so
grateful to see firsthand the gospel change peoples' lives. It is so
real. I love it, I really love it. And rejection, it doesn't even
bother me anymore because I know what I know is true and that others
need it. If it means I get rejected most days in order to find the few
that are ready, than it is worth it. Of course, it is scary to put
ourselves out there, but nothing is better than knowing that I am
representing my Savior, doing exactly what He would have me doing. It
actually makes me so sad when people reject us because they don't
fully know what they are missing.
I am grateful to know that ALL of us are children of God (some crazy
lady told us this week that someone is only a child of God if they
have accepted Christ...what?!?!?!). I am grateful to know that God has
prepared a place for all of His children after this life. We go
through this life to learn how to be like Him. Life isn't easy, but it
is worth it.
I love you all more than you know and miss you an indescribable
amount! Have the best week and keep pushing on.....it's worth it :)
Sister Hickman
after church yesterday...they LOVED it :)

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