Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Heavenly Father really does love me

Hi you guys!!!

I HAVE SO MUCH TO TELL!!!! first off, I am staying in Rossmoor!! and guess who my last companion will be on my mission.....SISTER SOBOTKA!!!!! this is who I wanted it to be! I wrote President last week saying that I wanted Sister Sobotka to be transferred here. He pulled me aside yesterday at the transfer meeting and said, "Sister Hickman, when i got your email, I want you to know that you two had already been assigned as companions." God and I are just really in tune :) just kidding. but seriously I COULDNT BE HAPPIER! she is my mission little sis. we adore each other! I was her STL when I was in Folsom and we got really close. She is Mary Cate's age and is from Highland, UT. It is by American Fork. She goes to BYU and has been out 10 months. She is the oldest of 5 kids. She is super sweet and we are excited to work together. We are shotgunning the other neighboring ward.So, they took the two sisters out of there and combined the wards. So we will be busy! it is a blessing because were slowing down in Rossmoor ward and now we get to keep working in it and teaching Lee and we can learn a whole new ward! It will be a CRAZY last 6 weeks! Im so so so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Thanksgiving was so fun. We went down to Sacramento and did the run for the hungry. 30,000 people were there! missionaries talked to people at the finish line, and me and sister wright did the walk. in skirts. hahhha it was funny. we were talking to people and giving out cards during the walk. man, fun times as a missionary. life is just so awkward. people were really nice though. The run went through the "Fab 40s" they call it and it is the nice part of Sacramento. It is just like mid-town tulsa. I felt at home :) The rest of the day we did different things. Dinner was fun at the member's! It was a great day. 
I emailed Alec last week (my recent convert from East Sac) and he is the Elders Quorum Pres in his YSA ward and goes to the temple every week for baptisms and he is just doing so well!!!! It made me so happy to hear from him and all that he is experiencing. I want to come back in February when he goes through the temple at his year mark! 
Sister Lillie and I had so many miracles on Saturday as we worked the last day together in our area! There was a family on the ward list that we kept trying and never answered. A guy finally answered on saturday and said that they had moved and didnt live there anymore. But he said they moved down the street and told us where! we went and met them. It is a mom with three kids and a husband. The husband isnt a member (he was at work when we went), and the mom stopped going to church after primary. We were talking to her and her 12 year old daughter and the daughter is interested! and the mom wants to come back. they are a sweet fam! it was such a tender moment knowing that God truly led us to them. Literally bc we didnt have an address haha. 
I could not be in a better place or with a better comp my last 6 weeks. I am so excited to go out and work so hard. I love being a missionary, sharing my testimony and seeing the light in peoples' eyes. This gospel truly changes people. It gives them what they are searching their lives for. 
thank you all for your support the last 17 months (tomorrow). 6 more weeks to do this!!!!!!!!!!! Let's go!!!!!
Have the best week!!!!!!!!!

sister hickman 
Our last full work day as comps!!!! What a blast biking Cordova with
my little baby, sister Lillie! She is in Carmichael now on FULL BIKE!
She will be awesome :)

We contacted at a Christmas event. It was huge!!!!! They had so much
stuff for people to do. And they had fake snow. See it in my hair?? :)

Grateful for this one. We said bye after 12 weeks. I'm thankful I
could train her. We both learned a lot. I said to her our last night,
"sister Lillie, do you think we'll be those companions that become
close when we aren't companions anymore?" Hahaha she agreed. Sister
Lillie is awesome! One day sister Parkinson will meet her and we'll
take a family picture :) she has an incredible mission ahead of her!

My adorable sister Sobotka!!! So happy she is "killing me off." These
next 6 weeks will be a blast!

on thanksgiving in downtown sac with Sister Lillie :) 

you arent a real missionary without a bike :) 

the trio reunited one year later :) good times last christmas with these two! 

the Christmas initiative has launched! 

at the Thanksgiving walk/run!!! It was fun doing it with sister wright! 

thank you Sacramento for a fun thanksgiving! 

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