Monday, December 28, 2015

The grinch tried to steal our Christmas (Christmas Eve)

Merry Christmas family & friends!
It has been a crazy 10 days since you heard from me :) first off, I
will start off with the big news. Some guy STOLE OUR PURSES!!! So, our
wallets, iPads, scriptures, mission pictures, everything!!!!! And my
last missionary planner of my mission!!!! A missionary's bag is their
life! We were in downtown Sacramento going into the food bank to
volunteer. We don't take our bags in because, well, it is a place full
of homeless people so they aren't safe there. We always put them in
our car trunk. I guess some guy was watching us and when we went
inside, he broke the driver's window, popped the trunk, and grabbed
the purses. Apparently everyone and their mom saw it happen but didn't
do anything hahah merry Christmas to us. And it happened Tuesday on
sister sobotka's birthday!!! Poor thing. It was a crazy day. But, we
had some great reflection about the experience. The first is that for
the first time in our lives we learned what it felt like to have
nothing. Maybe is was just like 2 hours of that, but we realized we
couldn't do or have anything. We were in a place we aren't from,
without family, without money.  It was a humbling experience to get a
taste of how most of the world feels at Christmas who truly have
nothing. No money for presents & no loved ones. I couldn't even take
her out to lunch for her birthday!!! We both cried in the car as we
realized how truly blessed we are because we do in fact have so much.
We were filled with the love of our Savior and truly humbled at what
He taught us. The second thing we reflected on is how our parents
reacted. When a member called them to tell them what happened, so they
could cancel our credit cards and such, they didn't care that our
wallets were gone or that the iPad's they bought would never be seen
again, but both of our parents cared when they would see their
daughters again. The member told us that my parents were so concerned
how I would be able to fly home since my ID was stolen, and sister
sobotka's parents were so concerned when they would be skyping her on
Christmas because we never told them a for sure time. We felt our
parents' love that day. It wasn't about the money or material things,
but it was about family. Word got out to our wards and they collected
money to replace everything. Like they were so generous the bishop had
to turn people away from giving. It has been so nice. The members here
are incredible. We have been given soo much.
Last week, we had temple conference with president and sister Jardine.
It was great! I love going to the temple. It was my last zone
conference. We all thought we would be giving our departing
testimonies, but they changed it. We now give them at transfer
meetings the week we go home! I like that better because it is closer
to when we actually leave.
Major things have been happening with Lee. I don't even know where to
begin but basically, he might be getting baptized before I go home!!
It has been a miracle. We are still figuring everything out. We told
him to pray and ask Heavenly Father specifically when He wants Lee to
be baptized. I told Lee that hopefully God tells him before January 14
:) we will see how it all plays out. Satan is really butting in let me
tell you. I figured out who he reminds me of! He is an adult version
of Danny! Not saying that you aren't an adult yet, Danny....Haha. But
they totally remind me of each other. Very smart but just really good
people. Oh and Lee and his member friend who are smart, successful men
are trying to convince me to major in political science and go to law
school, so yeah that's been freaking me out. My departing interview is
Sunday so I'm trying to get my "life plan" together whatever that
means. Wish me luck.
I want to tell of a simple, child-like faith experience from last
week. We were out with a girl who is heading off to BYU. She wants to
go on a mission when she is 19, so she loves coming out with us. She
was driving us to lessons in her truck. It is pretty old. We were
leaving a lesson and she tried starting it 3 times and it wouldn't go.
We were late for our next appointment, but the truck wouldn't start. I
said, "let's say a prayer." I said a simple, fervent prayer, knowing
that if it was the Lord's will, He would provide a way. After the
prayer, she started the truck and it went!!!! We were all like, "that
was so cool!" Heavenly Father does hear and answer our pleads to Him.
We taught Tommy again. The one who is less-active. He felt the spirit
so strongly. I love teaching him. The lessons are always so powerful.
I always leave so pumped up to teach the gospel to more people!
We have today and tomorrow off. We have some zone activities here and
there, and we are doing a service project tomorrow. We are delivering
Christmas presents to needy families In the area for a nonprofit
organization. I get to drive all the sisters in the mission van, so
yeah, don't know why they picked the craziest driver :) just kidding
I can't wait to skype my family tomorrow!! I hope you all have a great
Christmas season and remember what it is all about! I love you all so
much. Thank you for your love and support. I know our Savior lives and
that we can find peace and clarity in Him.
Until next time,
Sister Hickman
at temple conference with my sweet companion! 

i got to see my lil baby at temple conference! she is doing awesome! 

my last zone conference with two of my most favorite missionaries. these two have made such an impact on my mission! love my folsom comps!

isnt the temple beautiful at night!? Sacramento has our hearts :) 

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