Monday, December 28, 2015

it's starting to feel like christmas time (week of december 14th)

hi everyone!!! 
despite a couple break downs...it was a great week! Sister sobotka is the best. like people are crazy. hahaha missions teach you to love people, and i do, but at the same time, wow. people are crazy. usually it keeps us pretty entertained. 
The folsom stake put on a live nativity this past weekend behind the temple and it was AWESOME!!!!!! we went two nights with part-member families. the Spirit was so strong! it was about 20 min and they did 4 shows a night. It was so fun seeing members from all my areas there. it was like a little reunion!!! i loved it!!!! 
This week, there was a tender mercy that happened that really showed the Lord's hand in this work. In our new ward, we were told to go meet this woman who is really busy. We went by and as we got out of the car, a guy was walking out of the house to his truck. I asked if he was a worker at the house or if he lived there. He said that it was his grandparents' house and he was just stopping by to visit. He said the woman we were looking for was his aunt that lives here. This guys' name is Tommy. We started talking to him more and it turns out he was raised in the church but stopped going after high school. He has made some decisions that has pulled him away from the path, but he is looking for clarity. We brought up lots of concerns with the church, and we just listened. At the end, I just bore powerful testimony. The Spirit was so strong and we all connected really well. We asked if we could start from the beginning and teach him the missionary lessons and see if he is in a place now to come back to church. He said, "I have said no to missionaries so many times over the years, but I feel something now and Im saying yes." He goes, "you literally were led right to me as I walked outside!" We had our appointment with him and it went really well. He said we were able to put things in a way for him to understand that no one has been able to do. This isnt about me or sister sobotka but that the Spirit guides us what to say so that it is EXACTLY what each individual needs to hear. We talked to his grandparents who lived in the house we were going to and they said this is an answer to years worth of prayers. It was a really neat experience. It was a much needed reminder of how much I love being a missionary and how passionate I am about the gospel and the reality of its help and guidance. 
We had a lesson with Lee this week and he is doing well! But, he wont be getting baptized while I am still out here as a missionary. He will definitely get baptized but there is more going on with him family that needs to get worked out. It will happen when the timing is right. 
This week we are just going to work our butts off and pray like crazy to find prepared people! we got back out on bikes this week and it was a blast. We talked to lots of people. 
Thank you for all that you do! I miss you all! everyone keeps sending me emails today "one month from today" hahha that is so crazy. it doesnt even feel real! This is the best time of year to be a missionary! people are nicer and they like to talk about Jesus :)
Have the best week!
Sister Hickman 
At lunch with Susan and we realized we all had CTR rings so we had to
take a pic :) Choose The Right y'all!

Susan with her original sisters :) we still remember May 4th so well!!
It was so fun going to lunch with her today! When she emails me....it
started with her addressing me sister Hickman, then it went to sister
Genny, then miss genny and then this week it was genny hahha. She's so

The live nativity in Folsom!

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